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I wanna be rock and roll on qatar to rain again yeah definitely that's a good point i mean you know i don't think he tears need to be shed for the white male guitarist but yeah no you're right like he he did embrace that sort of an feminazi guitar and i would say you know this album this group gets called like power pop yeah um i think smashing pumpkins was pre power popped specially towards the end of the interior which i like yeah okay let's move on to the comments section mikey says so much for that is wanted to i got an oath three hill what did he fucking did did he get like the rainbow guitar gotta be a joe the rainbow asher mc assured guitar that so the governor's out on the font the the the typeface things have laws one he added his lawn logo this one it says one on his body billy corgan she had what would be cool is like a swan with a neck shape legacy that's thai i really corrigan smiling face that is as long tattoo see you could just like imagine working your hardest to make a billy corgan smiling tattoo look realistic because it's gonna look terrible to look menacing like if you're doing a if you're doing a portrait like you wanted to look as realistic as possible you know maybe put some stylistic flare on it with the more realistic you make that portrait the more terrible it gets here the more horrific it began scary scary boy shattered on june twenty four two thousand three said honestly i love that word because of this.

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