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Here's JT. Alright, Leah. Thank you very much. It is 7 34. Don't forget now coming up Sunday. Yes, Thunder on the mountain, his bag fireworks display over Vulcan and I'm suggesting that maybe, and I even told my daughter and You know my wife? I said, Hey, we if we're going, we need to get out there early and get us a good spot here. And maybe even do you know some, uh, checking out and scoping out of a good spot. Before we even get this Sunday to find the spot. We really like where we can see Vulcan. So I think there's going to be more people out than we've seen in a long time. Because coming out of the pandemic, people want to get out and enjoy the fun so it will be a blast. No pun intended. This Sunday night. It's the, uh, tradition that we do here in Birmingham. And thanks to our friends at Medical Properties Trust for helping us put it all together. Sunday night. Nine o'clock about nine. The fireworks will go. We got little pre grant in a pregame fun here on the radio. Starting at 8 30. We'll be talking to a number of different people, and then you can listen to the soundtrack for the fireworks display on all of our I heart radio stations. So when you get there, just turn us on, crank it up and enjoy as we celebrate the city's 150th anniversary. How about that? Patriotic music right here as the fireworks are going off, or it's gonna be nice. And it looks like the weather is going to cooperate, too. So maybe I'll see you out there Sunday night. Well, you know, it's Friday around here. You know what that means. Come on, let's go. If you gotta get down, I'm right name Everybody little boy raised in a week. That's right. It's 7 35. Now. Alabama's morning news on this Friday morning time for random fact Friday. Here's some things to tell your friends as you're barbecuing and hanging out over this weekend, random fact number one, A guy brought 24 wild rabbits into Australia back in 18 59, and they multiplied so fast that in less than 70 years There were 10 billion rabbits for they are busy little bunch. I think they were reproducing at a rate of about 18 to 30 every single female rabbit per year. Wow. That's a lot of young ins. Random fact Number two In 1947, A woman went to John Hopkins to cure her hives. She received an experimental drug called Compound 16 94 for hay fever and allergies. Well, her hives cleared up, and she reported that weirdly, she stopped getting nauseated while riding on public transportation. Doctors immediately tested the drug promotion sickness. And compound 16 94 became Dramamine. Brandon Bag number three. Tijuana, Mexico is further north than Savannah, Georgia. And also the easternmost point in Georgia to be island is further west than Youngstown, Ohio. What? Yeah, check it out on the map. Random fact Number four. Check this out. Audi Bentley Bugatti Lamborghini Imports are competitors. They're actually all owned by the same company. Volkswagen Group. I did not realize that and random fact number five Oh, I love this song. Here we go. Hello, the original La Bamba, yet only one song on Rolling Stone's list of 500 greatest songs of all time. That's not in English, and it's this one. Alabama, not Los Lobos, but Ritchie Valens did the original. Here It was number 3 45 on the billboard list of Rolling Stone's list of 500 greatest songs of all time. The only one not in English. It's 7 37. Alabama's morning news. I'm jt lots of discussion that they will go over with Dr Overton from your baby's.

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