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Twenty million dollars to go into a ringlets floyd mayweather. And now i'd had gave you a couple of months to try and get condition because three eight rounds is that's a lotta the conditionings brutal but if twenty million was online not my ass would be in shape even at my age. And you're telling me that. I get to go in there in an exhibition and we're not declare winner. You could get out. You may not. We may hug and kiss and by the time. It's over. Get in. I do it at my i do it i i would do it. Let's say they said the fights in october. I'm not saying that. I'm logan paul. Who obviously takes us a little more serious than us three do but for twenty million dollars up front and then whatever. They decided. the person wouldn't do it. I would. What's what's he gonna do. Knock me out. Apparently floyd doesn't like to do that. He's going to this hall of fame boxer that a guy lasted eight rounds with. We really taking serious at all that we think. Is this a more of a mayweather. What an embarrassment. Or more of a logan paul. You're stunned onset. Embarrassed is it. It's an embarrassment humiliation to boxing right humiliation boxing. Because in truth you know what it does to me. And i know it's exhibition if this is really floyd mayweather even though it's not it's an exhibition. It's a handful of do what. What was the last eight of his real fight guys. Do we know of his last real fight. What was five years ago to double coverage looking. I don't like the fight against mcgregor. Not i thought it was now that was an exhibition. I thought his last original real fight with patio. I thought it was packed. Up to the date by was mcgregor. Mcgregor was alight. That nobody yes see. Twenty six twenty seven. Okay see i count them. Mcgregor fight his own accounts on his right. Yeah yeah okay. And i can't. I counted as one as well because they were serious. And while i know all the banter and talk with gregor wanted to sanction fight so okay perfect right. So that's that's four years ago guys. I saw the pictures of mayweather mayweather. Didn't look like he had loved handles or fat out of shape. This is an embarrassment if you're telling me four years removed now like he's fifty four years old. Four years removed deployed allow guy walked off youtube channel and with eight rounds with him. Are we still supposed to look at floyd floyd mayweather from any one of the best fighters if this would have happened twenty years later and it was is what we're seeing now with some of these ads coming back and boxing put it this way. Helds mike tyson. Old something fifties right much is logan paul way buck. Ninety two towns towns one ninety. Yeah yeah so buck ninety okay. So entices what ten. Something like that when he's when he's in shape to somewhere in there it's like to twenty-five okay even then so if tyson winning out of shape at two twenty five trained some but not a lot and it was a little bit soft. We'd ever say that about you. Get my point and paul was able to get up and then box him. And let's say paul you give him six months to box. He put on fifteen pounds. Right up the tool five and mike tyson since fifties and has had a sanction fight in how many years two decades decade and half so. It's the least right. Has it in his forties the late thirties. Y'all wanna say okay. I don't know if it made it to two thousand but at least the late ninety. S okay there you go. So let's just say fit to say twenty years so section fight if tyson to end logan berry okay. So they're saying so. We're talking about sixteen years. And mike senators fifties if if it was serious. Let's say forty million winner-take-all was on the line. You think logan paul. Last two routes winner take all was on the gets mike tyson. He would get killed right. That's and mike's it is fifty s and floyd obviously smaller. But like i asked this to. What's our guys. I m c. I think i've told you this before. I ask sister. What's golden boys name in really raised. Name oscar de la. Hoya are sitting in a in a dan. Renner dan patrick and our interview him. One wanted in person and i asked him. I said what would happen. I at the time. I had just finished playing and was was was in good condition. We're talking about hell. The decade and a half to two decades ago there will be two decades ago. And i asked him and i was like six five probably to thirty five at the time and i said who'd win in a boxing match and he. He's he's probably. I'll wait about what sixty pounds at least and stood next to him. Hell i mean you could sit. I could sit my elbow on top visit. Great guy but just bigger than him so he would win in a boxing match. He goes on destroyed. Because because just two quick you. You'd have a hard time. Hit me goes. I've never watched you boxer. He said but if you're telling me you're not a boxer but you've taken boxing classes and you're a good shape. I can see and he said in a in a ring under rules like that he goes i. You'd have a hard time hit me. And i'd hit you time and time again and he's and he's right and i knew what he'd say but it was just kind of having fun with it. I said okay. What happens if we go into a bar fight. And you don't know rules allow. Because i wouldn't have chance unless we're standing there and i could stay kit move and do all that 'cause you could tackle me and you outweighed me by sixty seventy pounds once you give me on the ground in trouble now. I don't even know if i'd fight then because he's going to with bare fist. He's gonna hit you at least a couple of times before you tackled to the ground right. He said this. I did and some box. So what's tyson gonna do to logan paul pissed and floyd we. I'm telling you that this guy off the street art kicked whether ask do you guys realize that if mayweather went to how many guys off the street right now are open mayweather. That are that are his weight in a street. Fight probably street very. I've talked about very few right. He's gonna hit the guy about fifteen. I guess my point is isn't this embarrassment for boxing. The deal of no. This is absolutely dead and it doesn't help that online that all these reporters by interbay school similar. Oh this was this. No it's trash right. I saw the perfect tweet about it online. They said that if you purchase this fight and you watch it all the way through you have no right ever to make fun of professional wrestling no question. That's a that's a great point. We'll come back and discuss. We got a lot to talk about but it just it's baffling to me liz. It listen and the big does it really matter to me know. am. I getting paid absolutely not. But if you're trying to salvage a boxing and tried to get us to believe that one of the best fighters in the world went eight rounds with a guy goth you to boot luxuries. A good boxer and they. I don't want any part of it. I'm not. I'm not gonna stand into the north. Because he's seems like he trained hard and did it. But you're talking about fighting one of the best fighters we've ever seen undefeated ever seen with eight rounds and we're supposed to take this and you're asking us for the next flight to take serious. He wouldn't lasted forty five seconds. Mayweather mayweather wanted to box. But he didn't still knock on. Paul good for him. I'm all for getting paid if you go for it but if you really want us to take boxing serious this set it back and we're supposed to believe that will floyd gave it his all and now watch how many guys off youtube think they can walk into a ring with tyson and mayweather and beat them. I got news for you if you're considering don't because you will get your ass. Kicked six ways to sunday in twice on study like should've happened last night but god bless him for getting paid. We'll come back lot of astros talk. Julio jones's down the division to tennessee get.

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