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Four which to receive goose and he could have gotten it done man and he didn't get it done so i i don't know everyone that goes by obviously it's it gets that much harder for fill to come through i don't know if he's got another major in it but he just won a pga tour event less than a month ago so he's he's capable of certainly competing but i just don't know if he's gonna come through in the majors they're not again and shinnecock as you mentioned us open that's the one hole in his resume which i'm sure he would like to close and well we might as well address tiger tiger was pretty much out of it shot a sixtynine today but he was the headline guy and he just couldn't get callan well he's the guy who really brought the ratings i mean the the masters gets a great tv rating and i'm sure that the overnight on this one will be really high as well with the drama we got and tiger his problems off the tee are not distance related which is surprising for guy who's had bone fusion surgery that has back multiple back injuries and so much other stuff going non but he misses laughing mrs right off the tee in which case that he's scrambling and relying on his great putting and he's been putting well a short game to recover from that and try and scramble to make bar and you can't do that at a tournament where guys are going to fifteen hundred fourteen hundred thirteen under par you know he he played well today he made it he made an eagle today on fifteen which is good the sixty nine i think was really was good in that it got tiger woods back overall for the tournament to a place where i felt like he finish at one over par he said its goal was to finish it even he didn't play poorly but he just didn't play well enough to put yourself in contention at a major type thirty two a year ago said hey tiger is gonna tie for thirty two at the masters i'm i'm excited to have him back in the mix i'm just excited to have one of the best players of all time capable of playing and making cots and maybe he'll be sniffing around the top.

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