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Larry Elder Show are brought to you, in part by job creators Network plays this fat from Wisconsin. So listen, that clown it just you let talk. You know he's missing formed. He's the hypocrite if he wants to pay $34 a gallon And all this other That's inflation, Everything else, so be it. He threw. His kind has thrown us under the bus. It's above policies. Nothing else You don't have to like the guy. It's about the policies that makes our country going. The right direction. Have a good day. Triple 8971 s a G triple 89717243 I am Larry Elder. We are really effective dot com studio been watching Fox last couple of days, They've had live pictures on the border. People just blindly walking across Day, whole bunch of them from Venezuela. Like a train one after another after another, voluntarily separating themselves to have two Border patrol. Were there. I don't know what happens, processed. And one reporter from Fox that they're just walking away. No border patrol around because they're over staffed people just walking into the interior Going. Who knows where Texas sheriff made a comment about this Jackson County, Texas sheriff. We'll talk about that later on the program. Joe Biden doesn't believe that the Incentives not to work have anything at all to do with white people are not going back to work. Chuck, Schumer says insulting to say people don't want to work. Bank of America. Economists say that anybody who was making $32,000 a year is better off, not working, at least in the short term. Only they could all be Trump's just goody. Economist from Bank of America. You think they're Trump supporters? The right wingers. Michelle Obama says she's worried that her daughters will be treated treated differently. Because you're black. I kid you, not Michelle Obama. Here. The dogs could be treated differently because they're nice name is Obama. Just like the George W. Bush daughters were treated differently because their last name is Bush for crying out loud. Regarding the George Floyd verdict, Michelle Obama said black still need to be still need to worry about walking their dogs. Similar worked on LeBron James said. Get back. Get back to that in a second. I want to say Something first about the education system. We have k through 12. I'm looking at the demands made by, for example, the Chicago Teachers Union. Chicago public schools. Urban areas. Awful. Member that Syriza that CNN did call Chicago land where they follow the mayor of Chicago. They follow that then, uh, police chief and they followed a principal of a high school in Chicago called Finger High F E N G. E. R. Very charismatic, young black woman. They showed her mapping out routes. To and from the school. Give the kids so they could navigate around gang infested territory near the high school. What's the concern on the part of the left systemic racism of the part of the cops? Concerned the part of the left. Disproportionality. Unequal results. You've got a high school where the principal is mapping out routes to give to the kids so they can avoid being killed by the gangs near the school. We're talking about systemic racism. The cops against black people. Are you smoking something? 75% of black kids in California cannot read a great level. The math scores are worse. School scores for Hispanics only slightly better. We're talking about climate change. Going back to Chicago Teachers union. Get to the guess what they're demanding. 15 paid sick days a year instead of the five mandated for Chicago employers. Debt forgiveness. Explain to me what not going to work is still being paid. Allows you to demand de forgiveness. Explain that to me. Suspended mortgage payments. Temporary shutdown of eviction court. Moratorium on utility shut offs. Normal, penalizing schools based on funding on school attendance, So the kids don't show up. You still get the same amount of money. This is what the unions were demanding. They were coalition led by the Chicago's Teachers Union. Also demand that they made Did make a demand on themselves about making sure they k through 12 performance is any better? I told you some years ago, a young politician named Barack Obama, who was then state senator of Illinois. Given a great deal of money from the Annenberg Challenge. Which later on match so I think they spent about $100 million to improve public education in Chicago didn't have his own kids there, of course. To improve public education. Chicago By their own admission after blowing through all that money teaching courses on self esteem. And being a social justice warrior after spending all that money By their own admission. Scores weren't any better now this is hands on One of the few things that Rock Obama ever did. That was truly hands on Disaster. 29% of Chicago public school teachers. We have school age kids, 29% of them, have them and have them in private schools. Again, as opposed to 10% nationwide. 6% of black families nationwide. What does that tell you? No cut on the TV. Let's talk about civil rights charges being brought against Derek Sheldon. And nobody brought up that the A G of Minnesota just days earlier said that there was no evidence that what Derek Children did with motivated by George Boys race. Nobody even brought that up. Talking second about the Recent weekend. Baltimore. Chicago would say 27 shootings. Five fatal.

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