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Capacities have been tested in many hospitals in California have been overwhelmed by covert patient's funeral homes. Now to our being overwhelmed as the death toll in California rises. Bah Bah Command is head of the California Funeral Directors Association, he says. Nobody could have prepared for what's happening down really expected. You know the bawling and look death that has occurred. I think more so again in Southern California, their refrigerated vehicles in some hospital parking lot. There are funeral homes that have brought on additional capacity open above what they added in the summer, and they're still being overwhelmed. California has recorded two day total of 1042 coronavirus deaths, more lockdowns being put in place across Europe as that new Corona virus variant continues to spread. The new Corona virus variant, first found in Britain has now overtaken the older one in speed of new infections in that country. Health officials say that over the last 24 hours, the UK recorded the highest number of daily death since last April on dirt has now spread to dozens of other countries, sparking fears of similar spikes elsewhere to CBS is Elaine Cobb. We should have the latest numbers from Massachusetts when it comes to coronavirus in about 22 minutes or so. We want to check other numbers right now they're called Wall Street numbers. 4 38. Andrew all day. Is that Bloomberg? These numbers They're pretty good. We love to see these go higher. Indeed, across the board records from Wall Street Today, the Dow jumped 212 S and P 556, the NASDAQ totally in its own orbit. Rising 327 more than 2.5% too close about 13,000. For the first time. This traitor's adjusted their expectations on covert financial relief from Washington now that the House, White House and Senate will be in the hands of one party, Boeing has agreed to pay the $2.5 billion penalty to result, Justice Department accusations. Of criminal conspiracy stemming from fraudulent and deceptive conduct surrounding a 7 37 max. One and three quarters billion will go to Boeing's airline customers affected by the nearly two years long grounding of the plane. Another half billion will go to a beneficiary spot to compensate the families. The 346 passengers who died in the Boeing 7 37. Max crashes and erode a Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's news radio. Alexa play WBZ.

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