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If we took away roads, then we'd have less traffic. Right. So I've an idea. Let's take away the four oh five and see what happens. Is that the most preposterous karma get all over again member that I think everybody who drives the five south past downtown LA county when he get right to the seven edge of LA county. What happens as you hit the Orange County border? And I've taken that road many times driving angel stadium from here in Burbank. And you're you're in three lanes going south, and it is bumper to bumper. It's going twelve miles an hour. County Orange County. I've seen that it widens out. Oh, yeah. They have what six lanes because they had that. Measure m they've right with especial sales tax and actually build roads with the money. They built roads with money, right, which LA county won't do and all the traffic. Frees up they built three extra lane. It's nicer, right. So how could Steve Kozelsk Zillow actually say off the experts have found that your Bill roads? It increases congestion. That violates physics. That's impossible. What kind of a black head you have to beat a print that I know why why the communists running government government-set because they're trying to you know, because of their global warming cult they're trying to force everyone out of their cars. They find it. Immoral to drive cars because you're spewing greenhouse gas. But you're a reporter and objective neutral reporter to say that what that that's preposterous. But did you see later on almost makes up for it? Because after he talks about this idea of expanding bike lanes. And boy the way he wrote it here. The idea is simple. Get people comfortable enough to leave the car in the garage and ride a bicycle or scooter on short trips because most car trips are less than a mile the distances doable without a car the goal replace fossil fuel trips and clean the air while reducing the amount of greenhouse gases that caused global Clint I'll stop right there. But he didn't explain and I don't even know if most car trips are less than a mile. I suspect that statistic, but. Even so I'll bet you. They're not alone. You might be taking a kid somewhere for a practice. We might be go to the grocery store to pick up crap. You can't take bicycle to do that. Yeah. Not. I don't know if kazillion has we're going. Let me ask you this. Steve Zillow most cartoons are less than a mile. Ask yourself where people are going. They're just going to get some fresh air. They're getting in the car to drive a mile for fresh air. They're probably doing a task. And maybe getting a car washed. Nobody maybe go to the cleaners. No. I don't know. Nobody. Thank nobody takes drive just to go to a mind Klein a pilot groceries. They can't come back on a bike yet. Because you don't do that for pleasure. If you take a drive for less than a mile. There's a purpose to the drive nobody, you know, what I'm just going to ride, blah, blah, mindless driving, and I'm gonna right back. Honey, I'll be home in about three minutes. Nobody does that. I mean zero what the hell is wrong with you. Well, where do these guys come from? I reporters never used to write nonsense and propaganda, and and horsecrap from government bureaucrats in the window times. Hey, let me tell you excuse Zillow it is false you don't print California trash transportation experts have found that new roads. Baked congestion worse that is false that. It is a lie. If you were any kind of a decent journalist, you would have proven that false. You would have you would have challenged at preposterous statement. So he writes using gas tax and transportation sales tax dollars. Southern California cities are exploring with the newest transportation connection protected. Bike lanes. Also called boys suspiciously cycle tracks city of Pasadena's about two years away from building its first protected bike lane. But he does say two paragraphs later just because they build it doesn't mean people will come cities have found. Well, they've been my favorite quote from Karl Plum alum bloom to go where cars dominated all the roads and go multi modal, that's a big paradigm shift. Listen, listen to this gibberish, though, multi modal sounds like Newsom, right? He says he helped usher in the San Gabriel valley's first protected bike lane and temple city five years ago. But then you turn the page, and you know, what he says. Well, yeah, when I'm driving. Along Rosemead boulevard where we did this. I do see a bike rider or two. In essence, nobody takes the bike lane hesitated. When he if he considered the seventeen million dollar protected bike lane and streetlight upgrade project a success overall. He said there's been some criticism. But I think there's been success. This is another manager Brian cook to bike riders, and he spent seventeen million dollars for two guys who probably don't have work. They don't have jobs and not practical. They don't work, and they won't admit it. The word starts with a P. That's why people use the car. It's practical not only will you get there quicker. But it'll be able to do the things that you need to do which often assessing carrying stuff. You can't do that on bicycle. Here's one of the instigations for this. State law said you have to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least forty percent. Below nineteen ninety levels. And you have to do it by twenty thirty. Because transportation produces one third of what they call air pollution. And twenty seven percent of greenhouse gases vehicles are prime targets for achieving emission reduction and climate change goals. Well, so the the the instigator this as their global warming fixation, and they think well, we'll mandate bike lanes and then people drive bikes, and that's will how will hit our emission goals. Well, you won't because people aren't gonna take bikes. They and it's just that story that can read five years you get to bike riders going by we stood out for an hour played right? We saw five in an hour. No one's ever going to do. This. Never never never will never happen. We're all gonna die. And there's gonna still be the same very very very low number of cyclists going to work. I the temple city bike lane. It was named one of the tests the ten best bike lanes in America by something called gear junkie dot com. However, most temple city lanes have. Few writers today, according to anecdote reports the city doesn't measure ridership, of course, already not come up that blue the blue millions and millions of dollars on something nobody needs and takes up space. We'll have more on this bunch a jackass in on is the God. Let's see when Pasadena's up to Steve Scott Zillow why don't you resign your post and the editors to whoever whoever whoever was part of the publishing process in the editing process. Good lord. John and Ken show KFI. Debra.

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