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To between the rings five on the clock crossover move on barton spin move with the free throw line tough to airball rebound comes down into cola yokich a bucket here is a monster great deepens right there by will barton barton has it across the timeline just across the timeline he goes to the left hand of the midcourt circle he throws it over to nicole yokich for three too strong rebound out to paul millsap denver's got a fresh shop wlob back over to jamal murray murray is gonna need to get one bucket here for denver yoga jamal cuts against the grain he's double team throws out of it to millsaps bill sabir behind him to wilson chandler ten on the shot clock top the key yokich yokich guarded by p put it on the floor faked a handoff throws it off to a cutting murray leans in labs that's the bucket that we need right there but jamal five point lead for ten for a buck forty nine to go damian lillard has it across the timeline walks it over to the mid court circle guarded by will barton here comes a high pick from a minute got rid of barton lillard down the lane got bumped by yokich no whistle rebound down to joker alba pass over the wheel barton a bucket here and this thing could be over we'll barton walks it to the left side of the mid court circle garnered out there by evan turner this could put the nail in the coffin for denver he's brings it over to the right side dirk it shows hard on the pick and roll six on the clock bar still maintains the dribble barton gets down the lane dribbled off of his foot turned it over to much barton bounce pass to a streaking lillard layup is on jamal park is kind of pass the ball early can't be all him you have to pass the basketball that situation will burn got the ball was twenty six on the shot clock and he handled the ball the entire possession he's thought that good of a ball handler first of all you have to make the simple play at.

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