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Former astra zeneca buildings in boulder and longmont and really what brings these companies. Here is the talent pipeline. There are many high-quality biotech researchers in northern colorado in the denver area in boulder and and fort collins area. Especially so that is what is bringing these companies here but they They are finding space But it is not easy. And as we've talked about there are landlords and biotech companies that are converting other types of buildings into laboratory space Office buildings especially there are. There are several projects to convert office buildings into lab space right now. And they're going to have to get creative with it and we've talked about you know The the the parameters that are set you know especially in boulder around how tall buildings can be things like that. They're going to have to get creative with it. let's move onto this next story an arizona. Developer bought another two hundred acres here in the northern colorado area. This is a very big property. Owner walton usa out of scottsdale arizona. They currently have about three thousand acres in colorado but they recently purchased a little more than two hundred acres in a well county for project in evan so this will bring Six hundred sixty five single family homes. This is located at around thirty seven street and sixty fifth avenue in evans. The project will be called solstice and they have Big plans air for some additional single family housing in heaven so a nice addition to to the region Obviously we we all know how in short supply housing is right now. It's a very tough market so Having a project of this magnitude should should go some some ways to addressing that shortage of single family housing. And i know this was one that The kind of people here in northern colorado as well so. When does when does that project look to be Taken care of well. It's it's enough planning right now so let me see here they have i think it's it's in the planning phase right now so it'll be awhile in for a project of that magnitude it'd be. It'd be several years before they go that out but it is it is on the way. We'll we'll be looking forward to that. Talking with. Chris would editor and publisher with biz west We talked a little bit about bo. Bo's haute bars expansion..

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