Quinn Cook, Caspi, Steve Kerr discussed on CBS Evening News


The runway cbs news time pre fifteen it's sports time and kevin is at the north cal acura sports desk awkward moment jaffa warriors practice today omri caspi who is out with a sprained ankle has been the topic of speculation on sports talk radio shows about his future with the team there's been talk he might end up being cut to make roster space available for quinn cook for the play offs cook is played well the warriors certainly could use the depth that guard with the injuries to steph and klay but quinn cook is a two way player and right now would not be eligible for the play offs the warriors would have to cut someone to make room caspi was asked if he's concerned about his status first of all it's you guys talk now then down focus on getting healthy employing i mean that's all i can control and like the team needs me and i know what i could bring to the team and what i needed table but you know my focuses on on getting healthy and client yeah last week steve kerr said it's way too early to talk about what they might do with quinn cook meanwhile steph curry klay thompson kevin durant all practice today but curry likely to be the first one of those three back to game action he has missed six games after tweak in his right ankle the warriors host to hawks on friday night if he doesn't play friday night certainly at home sunday against utah's a distinct possibility draymond green who is need in the groin the other night and san antonio did not practice today loyola of chicago was late for practices a prepare for their sweet sixteen matchup with nevada tomorrow night the team is in atlanta the bus driver got lost trying to find the arena he circled around is that hap they could not find the entrance apparently philips arena is connected to the cnn building so there's not a standalone building and they couldn't figure it out the head coach of loyal or chicago was furious to gain tips off tomorrow four zero seven pacific time from philips arena.

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