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You know something's happening and it's hopefully fundamental and We might see some positive things. Not that you'll see the final answers because you know the one one party versus the other. There's definitely different approaches. And all but the big picture of government intervention government spending government printing money government supporting wars. There's not enough difference to say well. Here comes a solution. It's only gonna come by more of those people cheering for liberty but they have to also become more knowledgeable of what they're cheering for and understand the principles of liberty that allow them to go to that football game and have a good time. Exactly what i'm going to close out. If if you just want to tell everyone. I this is my first day back. I took a couple of days back in. Dc to go over the old stomping grounds But the conference was a great success with such a delight to meet so many of you there so many of you came. The house was packed. Great people. I wish we could do it every weekend. Honest paul But we had a great time. I want to thank all of you for coming out and those of you. That didn't i hope you can make it next time. There will be a next time. i think. We all felt recharged our batteries because of that And i would like to mention Subscribe to the ron paul institute for updates. A lot of people said. Hey i had no idea you guys were having all sold out. And i said subscribe to our updates. And you'll be the first no so just go to ron paul institute dot org and subscribe for free. We're not going to sell your name or do anything weird with it. We're just gonna let you know when we have conferences that you can get your tickets. I will put a lincoln the description so you can subscribe. Our subscriber base is growing. But we do need to have a way of getting in touch with you. If something else happens we won't discuss what so thinks. Everyone subscribe. keep up to date with what we're doing dr paul back to you. You know sometimes when you run into a problem when you're planning a program like this and i was very generous. I let daniel worry about all the problems and I just said i'll come you know but He had one little problem. We all did that. Cropped up in many most of you know about it in that is a week before the conference a week or so they. The hotel calls the hotel. We've been to several times. It said you know the government Once they're wants to control their property the pro. The hotel was on government property so they ruled today. I don't even know what their contracts said. But that was the boss the so they said that we have to take over this hotel. Be because we need it forever administration of the refugees coming back from i coming to to In from afghantistan and So the but the hotel. Oh they'll all be up. I august thirtieth and you guys can get into by the third and be okay. I told daniel no way we can't do that. I mean wh if anything what you learn in washington there's a lot of things you should learn a lot of things that people don't learn but one thing you should learn is you can't really trust what the government tells you so Eventually though the hotel that we were scheduled to go to called They'll they'll help transfer a so..

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