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And your educational background, I say that you went to Harvard Business school and MBA from Harvard Business school. Tell me about how that's going to translate and working in government. You think that's going to be a big asset? Well, I'm proud of public schools graduate. I went to the Brookline public schools, my entire life, and I went out to a little school in California called Pomona college, a little small college out in the Los Angeles area. And I've been back in Massachusetts ever since, you know, when I was at business school, I still knew that while my career was going to take me into the business world for a while that public service was always going to be important to be, I do think the skill set that you develop in business school can be helpful in terms of making state government more efficient or effective. I'm the only candidate in this race with educational experience and background in finance and accounting, which is part of the job of state auditor. I'm very comfortable pouring over lines on spreadsheets and figuring out how the numbers line up, so I think that's important. But really throughout my career, even when I was in business school and in the business

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