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So I don't know. I'm curious what you guys think I've always had mixed feelings on this kind of stuff. Yeah. Let me just preface this by saying that I will always disagree with anything that gets physical, including throwing his left overs out on the sidewalk. That's unacceptable. Don't touch it. Don't touch food. Don't touch his property. That's when you lose me. One hundred percent now, with that said, I've asked myself several times how I would feel if people were shouting out me based on my political opinions, and if I would feel comfortable advocating for someone, you know, yelling at Mitch McConnell or Trump or any of the other goons like what I feel comfortable with them doing that to these elected officials. If I'm not comfortable with someone shouting at me based on my political views, but we were just a political on plenty of people shouting. Exactly. And here's the thing. It is free speech and they're allowed to do that. And I believe that as Americans wish should be allowed to voice our concerns toward these elected officials. And so I have no problem with someone raising their voice at Mitch McConnell or any politician if they believe that this politician has done something divisive has done something that has actually ruined the lives of certain Americans, whatever it is you should you have protection, a constitutional protection to be able to do that. And if you can't handle it, maybe it's time to rethink your political ideology. You think it's affected though, because that's one of the core things that I'm stuck on. I don't know if it's or if maybe it might even make it worse. I don't know. So I've shocked to find out strong opinions about this, but it's nuance and there's different lines in different places. So first of all, I agree in amused. That the right wing who claimed to be free speech absolutists will then turn around and say a mob mob. I can't believe they're speaking freely. Let's note that irony and move forward. So in terms of what the ground rules should be, we're making ground rules. One is I'm with Anna on yelling is okay. From time to time I'm gonna explain what I think are the important caveats, but that atmosphere the time, not just politic on, but I'll be walking on the street in New York, or I'll be at an airport and some guy will yell at top of his lungs. Right? And if you want to like, scream obscenities in the middle of airport, that's on you brother. Okay. And it doesn't bother me at all. Actually slightly amused by it. So I think that's okay. I think for a politician, it's even more okay. But. So where are the lines? First of all, I think everyone should agree to Anna's lines, nothing physical ever. So to me to places where this guy is clearly out of bounds. And this is a second. There was actually an earlier protester as well. Tell me about him in his or her. This guy went out of bounds by banks fist on their table, and I think that crosses the line and later they had to go leftovers. So they were gonna take home and he grabbed it, threw it on the sidewalk. No, no, don't touch their stuff. Okay. And and value leftovers. Okay, I know. Okay, so and then the third part of it, I think, or second, depending on how recounting is there has to be some time limit to it. Okay. If you're stalking someone and you keep following them, it, then it gets concerning. Right, so, and for me and some people will disagree with this, don't go to their house. I think that that's really dangerous things a bad idea. There's plenty of on. Hinge people mainly on the right, but there could be some on the left and I don't want anybody at anybody's house. Okay. That's that's crazy in if you ask me, I think that's crazy talk. Okay. So in terms of the time period, look, morale Jones at an airport, stock Bernie Sanders for about twenty minutes. Okay. You made your point Alex, but as usual your unhinged. And then we start to worry about his security because he won't leave him alone. Somebody who stalked politic on and it was a bouncer reason week for hours and hours..

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