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Nathan date and okay and anyway my wife and honoring about vacation down in florida it's an off play and he have one of those companies not j thin okay and uh uh anyway my wife and on vacation down in florida it's an offgrid play and he have one of those come close pete toilet while we thought we were using your raw because it's hard to smell kind of uh so we decided well just outside you know we're in the middle wilderness here's an alligator on back snagged bother us we need no you know that's right now we're doing this for two days and then all of a sudden i'm out there and i looked up and and there's the camera and then come to find out they had four gained cameras on the property because there's a lot of wild mike around there so i hope of adf apologize about uh any ah unforeseen shot that she may have taken who at least this hasn't been used against you exactly we looks good cleaned up so that was well i've been other occasions nathan where you have had to use the facilities outdoors my gosh every day i'm a our kids to know what worker and i work out you go shannon i live in about out here yet but i'll pay negotiations we work in acquiring all around i have never gone into these guys how they'll go use the bathroom we're always though i uh uh i mean namely why save the water anita nathan thank you so much have a good one all right keren let's spin the wheel a couple of more times before the break and get some new topics uh nagin still opine on these topics including urinating outside polka hanis yokohama's i don't even know her and the socalled fiscal conservatives especially locally let's plan will five and well bongino be should they be in the rock and roll hall of fame there's leading i guess in the voting right now for the next plan 18 that's another topic let spin the wheel one more time go ahead some five john yes nato is such a thing as fruitcake four favourite holiday foods right in the.

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