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The full. Clip We've established I'm going to, I'm in the process of establishing The John Brennan security clearance his threatening to. Sue the. Trump administration over the withdrawal of his security clearance You've seen other high ranking former intelligence community defense community Presidential administration cabinet level, officials military officials you've seen them step up and say What Trump's done to Brennan is wrong And they've said that for him to. Do that to withdraw that is wrong But they've never been able to tell you why it's wrong They tell you it's because it's personal There have been calls for George W Bush to. Step up and call out Donald Trump Love George W Bush or hate George w. Bush I respect the, fact wherever, you are on that. Is unlike Barack Obama when he walked out the door he said I'm not president anymore And. I'm not going to hamstring the next guy I'm not going. To second guess him and look. Over his shoulder. I'm going to move into another facet of my life another phase another season and I'd Meyer that I, wish more, presidents would do that But the intelligence and defense community they're. All call they're all closing ranks regardless who they served under To attack Trump Now I want to get to why that is the case So rush was called by a guy? Who said do you think that Hillary maintains her security clearance do you think she. Still has it mind you Peter strong still has is good Krief Peter Strasbourg still has a security clearance And Trump. And rush said yeah. I'm sure she does I'm sure she does. So here we go these security clearances FOX if you look at the Washington establishment which we often, refer to as a club. And it is it's a very exclusive club. It's made up of members of both. Parties lobbyists elected officials people behind, the scenes, you don't know intelligence community people A security clearance every. Club has tears you got your top tier the president and the vice presidents and the the real, powerful and you've got the. Second tier third tier in the lower tiers. People with a security clearance or in. The top tier they are coveted A security clearance sets you apart in the swamp a security clearance is used to enhance one's resume a security clearances worth being hired by a corporation to sit on its board, of directors a. Security clearance allows you. To set up your own foreign policy advisory business a security clearance adds a couple of. Three zeros to what you might get paid when a left wing. Radical television network wants to hire you as an expert, foreign policy analyst So these security clearances are not badges of honor because you, do kinda earn them but but they are expensive the. Background check what can cost twenty thousand dollars to get somebody cleared, and approved for. One and they are worth a lot of money which is why Brennan is talking about suing because losing security, clearance is the same as taking weighing that's the. Basis on which he would sue by the way. Trump hopes he suicide discovery opening up all kinds of stuff that Brennan doesn't want.

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