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The greatest champion walkie god's green earth and i will offer you one hundred thousand sandwiches if you can take out st roads yeah good old school shit man offer money to take somebody out but abounding on them he's that back tober six edition of raw lower resist on attacked goldberg and he beats all three of them up in the main event he beats marquette nery by the hugh and rodney mack interferes and then goldberg accidentally spears shawn michaels and then gobert again is making some waves when he makes an appearance on the website this time on by this he goes and does this on october second and when he's asked if he's more comfortable now that he was when he first aid april no question there's a feeling period that i had to get acclimated not only the situation but to the people and events and the business at self is totally different from where i come from what i did in the past can in no way shape or form compare with what i'm dealing with now as to whether or not he would continue wants his contract expires he said in a perfect world yeah that would be a good situation what i do is take it day by day ideally yes i'd like to be here but things can change and who knows what the future holds so that just have to be an obstacle to be crossed when we come to it on working with vince he says in the beginning it was standoffish there there's a very hesitant feeling out period i think in all honesty i look at him nine only as a boss but also has a friend he's totally different than what i would have imagined his passion for the business is unmatched by anyone who i've ever seen and i think that shows with the success he's had i'm just very appreciative he had the confidence in me to be an integral part of the program as to whether or not there was heat with him in triple h truth is i don't like the guy and i enjoy wearing the belt that he.

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