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Top stories house Republican leader Kevin McCarthy is noting countless stories of kindness and heroism in the growing it corona virus crisis Southcross American people are coming together they are making sacrifices and lifting each other up this is actually who we are as a nation during a capitol briefing McCarthy expressed optimism that the house will approve the massive economic stimulus bill tomorrow after passage by the Senate they also accuse Democrats of being divisive in the negotiations on the roughly two trillion dollar stimulus McCarthy said damn stall the bill for days by playing political games he called it a total disgrace more drive through testing coming to Sacramento bar California lawmakers say still aren't enough corona virus test assembly mother member Kevin McCarty not to be confused with Kevin McCarthy as a plan that would add up to a thousand coverage at ninety test today at cal expo now traffic and weather together for traffic here's Brian noble's job on highway ninety nine at Alcorn Boulevard is still down to just one lane that's because a big gray took that ramp too fast and flipped over also the westbound Alcorn Boulevard onramp to southbound highway ninety nine is blocked with all the emergency crews on the scene the eastbound Alcorn Boulevard ramp to southbound highway ninety nine is accessible traffic on the tens every ten minutes mornings and afternoons Brian noble's news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. and our forecast calling for a high today of sixty one looks like it'll be sunshine from here on out right now we have fifty one degrees in Sacramento Dana has news ninety three point one K. if we get Sacramento's number one for breaking news traffic and weather was ninety three point one F. B. K. you're a small business owner and there's nothing small about what you do that's why dell small business technology advisors.

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