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How you can appreciate michael jordan but know that he's a real jerk in real life you know and at this kind of the way i see cognac okay lisa you are less able to separate konya the musician from kenya the person is that right yeah and i don't see why should have to i mean i i feel like i consume art in much the same way i am a consumer and all kinds of other ways so if i don't like the practices of a business i don't support them i don't give the my money or my time and i feel like connie west has done everything he can to try and alienate me and a lot of other people and yeah that worked i understand that i can empathize as a comedian we see comedians going through all kinds of things and you like that person makes me laugh so much and i find it struggle i definitely do on his cover he scrawled i hate being bipolar i hate being bipolar it's awesome that is the album cover and he wraps in the record about his struggle with mental illness that change anything for you lisa well but that that's the thing i had a lot of empathy for that i remember how the last tour ended i remember his breakdown i've watched him experience all kinds of pain with the loss of his mother i think there was a lot of goodwill toward him however that said his wife tweets out to the media trying to demonize my husband let me just say this your commentary uncon yea being radic and it's tweets being disturbing is actually scary so quick to label him as having a mental health issue so i don't know you two need to sit down and work out a message so i understand how i am supposed to view you.

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