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Owes writing South and go running the other direction. This go ahead no shirt on and DOC is anything. I'll go caused that. It was Mario. He had no should on roll the knicks out really high and he's hair was slicked Jalen it Glasses on it'll Looks across the ride that needs to call me black good As quite funny is the opposite of what and he he looks across shell black evaded. The to street is the full logo friends with him but yeah because trying with him. Not I in a lot of Gerard in We we knew each other. Even off the retard you'd save the GIO. Every year we the whites satellite show the buttoned-down about full bots with the with the big Chinatown as so as women. Now they suddenly broke the mold with them. Our show that it hit a lot of charisma and That that over taints and he's likely is just built around. Mug muggle did he deliver a while another man who saw Mary Cipollini. Close for many years with Graham Watson photographer who covered all of CIPOLLINI's career At the jury Talia and Has a story to tell. And let's hear one from graeme. Which kind of amplifies really what Matt wishing about how. Mario Cipollini his own rules. Most of the stories isn't it's overly about revenge cheaper dominated the race for so long It once he had a friend of mine. Go ahead and initially. You don't just by just by a you know a sandwiches you get it prepared the because we use the bakery shot by roll bread then you go to the Delicatessen and they will provide you with the tomatoes and also the the Mozzarella cheese in the ocean and made made for you while you wait you. Don't you don't go ahead. And by that night us in a cellophane wrapper so CIPOLLINI has one Italian portal. When Edna order the bread roll and when I say they hate him and he had to go ahead. Thirty five forty minutes out of the race and the same guy ordered the the tomatoes Mozzarella from the delicatessen. But someone else had come in the shop. Pick it up because advice was just going by. But that's largely what she did but definitely Nicer Tomato Mozzarella Samuel of Togo. But not me. And he was given it actually hurt. He stopped a plate of pastor once. He pre-ordered some pre ripple. And and there's even these these exaggerations whereby control the speed of the palace on just so that when they got to this village where where his pass was waiting. It was just the perfect time. Every story here gets more and more exaggerated elements of truth in it north shore about you but Talk of having a sandwich is making me hungry. You always hungry it. Didn't you don't need an excuse or a some kind of cute? This is true this is true. Ill ristorante Oh no. Okay if know if you're not if you're not hungry then you're anticipating hunger. Well is true Richard and one of the joys of traveling around the GOP's he's eating my way around it and discovered some dishes. I really would have dismissed just from a written description and today's recipe of the day is one of those Pasta Amoud. Ika which on. Paper doesn't sound terribly promising pastor withdrawing breadcrumbs fried in oil. It sounds like it's going to be pretty bland. Let's hear from food writer Felicity Clark. Also the author of the Book One more question for the road about pasta.

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