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All right it is Ballantine shelf real to have you as we go back to the phones and book your up next book what some Hey bill how you doing hang in there but okay so I got a question why on earth will the will conservatives not run by the same playbook and make it personal I think that there should be some national person that that runs a story saying the New York times has been punk begin yes please exposing yeah absolutely making them but you know they put their their credibility on the line but also make them have to have to improve their story well that's why we're seeing other news is an unconfirmed story this no confirmation on this at all yeah we just need to say they've been poked and make them make improve they've that they haven't been exactly I bought briefly remote punked they have been punked well that's a well I don't think they've been punk I think they're they're they're plunking us I think they're part of the conspiracy I think New York times is in on this big league by the way you see the Alec Baldwin brought blasting shrunk voters is being immoral Alec Baldwin Mr potty mouth Mr all I know the good lord Hollywood he's going to give us a lesson on morality using well that's the last person many lesson on from is Alec Baldwin this I can tell you next Charlie Sheen yeah maybe they'll both give a seminar what do you Charlie Sheen and Alec Baldwin the seminar on morality yeah maybe get him sells a church Russell you would be up next Russell what's up on a much feel how you doing I'm hanging in there Russell what's the good word well the first hours one like a quick statement then I want to say something else you mentioned to another caller before the break about you know all this climate change and the plants you know taking in carbon dioxide we don't install from these climate change proponents about channel you know methane gas on was known as Ford's whether they do or when they don't know if they found it plants sometimes maybe taking on too much carbon dioxide maybe they have a way to expel that car gosh plant Putin okay we're gonna have a problem then they gonna kill all the plants but no seriously speaking you know this hold don't use is is all like you said a large all about control and the fact that these people are are tiny and with the biggest sum of biggest hypocrites of ever seen or heard about and they are trying to use of actually use government and international agencies and whatever else they can use to try and change our lifestyle here and in other countries try and change the capitalistic system and it is communism people around online people saying it's fascism during World War two the fascist governments in Germany Japan and Italy allow private companies to produce for the state map they didn't support the state they'll course would suffer from Darcy consequences will know communism owns the means of production and that's what these people want to do well that's exactly right and that's the whole the whole game the whole mind set behind it is to destroy capitalism and that's why I'm so adamantly opposed to these folks I mean it it for one thing they don't have any proof at all that anything they they're saying is coming true but are there but their heart is in the wrong place I mean they're out to destroy capitalism because they think it's unfair that's exactly right now I aggressive thanks for your time thank you Sir I had a qu'un have with me I don't and we may have used it in I'm calling bovines got college young leaders no I know when we all okay all right this is another podcast we get but it's a scene and she really she she spills the beans on why it is she's doing what she's doing because she goes straight from well I think what she does she goes straight from we're just where where are destroying the planet with CO two to look at all these of these children in my district with as well which has nothing whatsoever to do with CO two to look at all these rich corporations all these people have money and we need to make sure that we redistribute the wealth and I'm okay well I mean she would be zero she went from zero to sixty faster than Tesla I mean this woman went straight to it and she didn't even think she didn't think about it well what she's doing she's given away her position she showing her cards it's not about saving the planet because the CO two is not harming the planet it's not causing as well and CO two is not causing rich folks to have you but she just thinks it's unfair that all these rich people have money and the poor people don't because remember she was waitressing tables before she gotten to work to Congress and now she's got her money and so it and she's getting her money from the government she was a buy off to get theirs I guess they you've you're up next day what's up so are you hanging in the day what do you do this weekend and I watched an interview with Trey Gowdy this whole impeachment thing is to give ME mission to Nancy Pelosi to be able to support more moderate Republicans are in the areas that are not strong he thinking she is all set up for them to get power within the house and the Senate to basically make his next four years the only dark because they know they can't stop the builder based gonna get reelected we know this impeachment gold anywhere honey this is their mission to change people's minds it voted for trial what do you think about that you mean getting defeated in twenty twenty or just a just wound him basically wounded him again they're going after his support of the of the more moderate Republicans the general really twelve dominated trying to get them out of all the support Democrats in the office so that they could change the power within the house and the Senate and hopefully give power of the house and Senate which that means trumps wire for years he'd be lying dark you would be okay and then don because you would have not I'm sport yeah well there's there's no doubt about that she's trying to increase our majority in the house and she's trying to swing the Senate to the Democrats I don't see how impeachment does it though I think what she's trying to do is she's trying to wound the president as far as the twenty twenty election she won't see him gone and if they have some I like Bernie what the that's the worst nightmare them is not even the Democrat hierarchy once Bernie in the air but they seem to not be too that have too much of a problem Elizabeth Warren and I don't see any difference between them they're the same person two wings of the same vulture I mean that they're the same one and so I've you know I don't know what the end game there is I think they would probably prefer Biden but then you've got people like A. O. C. who doesn't even thing Biden is in her same party she says in any other country we wouldn't be in the same party and I don't know which country she Stallman other than than as well if she was in any other if they were in Venezuela they're probably but but buying them against the wall speaking of that you saw this I assume and we have all this info Valentine that come under show prep this is this burning supporter who is talking about walling these people they just go all the time and pulling out explain to you what walling means it means putting people up against the wall of the firing squad and so this is what is this guy's name jerk us or something Jeric Jeric child Urich field organizer for the Sanders camping it sends organization this is from project veritas they went under cover again and undercover footage released by them today shows a field organise I organizer for burning warning that liberals will get me F. ing wall first and a socialist revolution there is in the super I'm Tom of the wall you gotta understand the context there were marketed by an individual and invite is Kyle Jeric was prompted by a project veritas journalists who has gone the guys like that liberals what are we going to do with them good luck he said with a laugh before adding liberals get be F. ing wall first it's common is a play on the expression against the wall a reference to pass left wing regimes placing dissenters against the wall to be shot another point the project veritas journalists ask how you gonna throw down with so you got to give in the lingo with these folks who don't throw down with and he reflects for a moment then begins counting on his fingers is is the billionaire class the F. in media the pundits running with that train of thought he fantasized about killing the staff of cable news channel MSNBC and openly liberal outlook that has obsessively pursued far left conspiracy theories about president trump conspiring with Russia he continues in says walk into that MSNBC studio drag these MF furs out by their hair and light them on fire in the streets now you gotta stand if somebody's if if MSNBC is too liberal for this guy this guy's a Bernese supporter what are we dealing with here and another part of video is ask what should be done about those who resist the change well I'll tell you what in Cuba what did they do to reactionaries and the project where it's australis as they shot him on the beach and your exit is do you want to fight against the revolution you're going to die for it MFR now during a separate part of the undercover video Zurich speaks favorable about gulags arguing that they could be used to re educate trump supporters in billing is and this is what he says he's in **** Germany after the fall of the **** party there was a she I con of the populace that was F. thing not so fine Germany had to spend billions of dollars re educating their effing people to not be **** we're probably gonna have to do the same effing thing here that's kind of what all Bernese whole effing like Hey free education for everybody because we're gonna have to teach you not to being an effing **** this is what we're dealing with we'll be back right after.

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