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After her surprising trouble on the vault simone biles briefly disappeared from the competition floor. I want you got back. She pulled on her sweats and said she was there to be her teammates biggest cheerleader. She just wasn't going to compete eventually. She told reporters her head wasn't in the games and she was worried about her safety. The americans managed to win silver medals anyway. Russia took the gold. Some people may look at what just happened and say will the us gymnastics team. Did get us over. That's pretty good. That is pretty good. Those people are correct but still shocking. Yes because they were heavily heavily favored to win the gold. However there wasn't that much international competition or really asia's speak of in the last year and a half and so we didn't really like you know we saw what the russians could do it their own domestic competitions and they were looking good but we didn't really know what they were capable of on the international stage until they showed up here. Did you watch the presser. After after they won the silver medal..

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