Union Army, Lincoln, William Crispin discussed on Veterans Radio


Union army at that time and who was a a person who harboured strong jealousy for roberty leave fraternity against the union joining the confederacy uh recommended to president lincoln that they're they establish cemetery on the grounds principally to to uh provide additional burials face secondarily to prevent generally or his family from river living in the state again and the actually before the cemetery was actually established in june eighteen sixty four on may thirteen eight sixty four the first burial place was a private william crispin from pennsylvania infantry regiment who had died in a in a washington hospital that's amazing to me that that you would know that history would know the very first person to be buried in arlington i've never guess we we would know that that was where the unions soldiers buried close to the mansion did i understand yes they were they were buried in what what was of mrs lease rose garki a lake near the mansion in meetings a federal meags we mentioned before actually personally supervised because he wanted them buried so close to the mansion that it would never become a private home again to tell us the connection the or the history of the mrs lee well mrs lee actually owned property wasn't actually general lease property uh her father george washington park kosh this was the adopted son of george washington which many people don't know when he died other property with mrs lee and she in and raised her family there for many many years while her husband was in the united states army serving out west uh he came back to the property at some point in time after george washington park kosh died and he's actually buried with his wife on the property so they were actually.

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