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Subsidies KGAN news time is nine. Thirty good. Morning I'm Kim McAllister in for Brett burkhart. Today the Menlo Park fire department is working with the county sheriff's department to send drones to fire zones and Shasta. County the move is an effort to take a closer look at the. Destruction the public safety drones will be buzzing over the city of reading through the weekend to officially document parts of the one hundred twenty five thousand burned acres there at eleven this. Morning a public memorial will be held for NIA. Wilson the eighteen year old woman who was killed outside the MacArthur Bart station in Oakland in what appears to be a random. Attack according to police mourners will gather at Oakland's act full gospel, church and a search is underway for a twelve. Year old girl who was allegedly abducted from the Ronald Reagan Washington National airport in, Arlington, Virginia while visiting the US from, China airports, authority police, chief David huckler saying the situation is being classified as critical on the initial startup in the investigation We had a. Twelve year old girl that was missing by unknown means by unknown people and in my says many my staff's assessments. That's critical missing and a very dangerous situation as investigation furthers along we may change, that, assessment but again I want to, reiterate this, is still, a critical missing juvenile and we're gonna track down every lead until we find that she's safe In San Francisco the FBI is. Interviewing that girls. To our group who left. Virginia and headed to, the bay area after she went, missing day four of the, tax evasion and money laundering, trial of Paul Manafort who was four-time. Donald Trump's campaign chairman the events. Involved in, the, charges however predate that work, that's made, for, speedier trials, since the judge, has insisted, President Trump not, be mentioned except in..

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