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The drill of themselves i it can be a very scary experience an it's a reality now that our students in our schools are preparing for so when we do a drill we don't tyler students they are drills because we need them to take everything seriously we want to normalize in and help them feel calm during those things and i've also wondered what is the impact of doing these trails for students while you're a gifted counsellor hwang what do you think it might day i think it's triggering our students who have already experienced trauma and secondary trauma and they've seen things in um we seeing students go through all kinds of emotional reactions during drills panic and sadness and grief and fear because during those drills you really don't know what's happening given your history give him or to do now give them how close you come to some of these these terrible issues issues that are often too terrible to contemplate if there any one two or three things you could change your say need to be done right now what would they be i think our schools are doing everything they possibly can to make the environment safe and i think one of the things that needs to change is it is not a conversation just for our schools anymore what's happening is our our world and our society are now entering our schools and so we need to address our world in our society samantha havilland director counselling support services for the denver public schools thanks so much for being with us thank you there was an uproar in biology recently when scientists announced they'd use bits of dna to manufacture a pox virus critic said the work is dangerous research teams had essentially published a recipe that could help terrorist brew up deadly smallpox so why synthesizer pox virus in first place and pierce neil greenfield boyce has this report smallpox his special it's the only human disease ever wiped off the face of the planet by a global vaccination campaign the contagious often deadly virus is now supposed to exist only in to secure laps this is why some biosecurity experts were taken aback when scientists recently synthesized pox virus manufacturing it from made to order pieces of dna it was not smallpox it was a related vow paris horse pox but still tom ingles be is director of.

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