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The the perma is on the station about the special election coming up on the twelve th we will be here live with you throughout the course of uh of the december twelve special senate election we will have various personnel here superstation one on one dispatched across the land to get feedback from the various camps some of the commercials have gotten a bit deep we've got twitter wars going on between hollywood elites in the roy moore camp we've got personnel from the roy more camp go pop in studio little bit later on has reached out to them as well as a doug jones a c we just can't get will idea looming issues at hand and also i know that steve bannon is going to be in fair hope on the fifth of december also are good body dr gina loudon is going to be with mr bannon and we know that will be hearing from gina were trying to get a ban on the air with us as well just to get his thoughts on this raises it just continues to just chug alaga chug along i'm having roy more nightmares i know you're giggling in there but his guide but i am i mean i just i the tv you know last night i'm so desperate i'm so desperate to get away from it i'm watching willy wonka and the chocolate factory what a class yet really as a good movie idol on that movie and i'm just going ahmed just make it stall on having an fictional allegation dreams are you yeah i'll running fundis predator yeah yeah who is us predator i dunno i can't see a faith brothers there's so many private is them many of them know and i don't mean to downplay that hank tyco going to get or to you i don't mean to downplay that but hasnat khan of gotten to the point now where it's a story that we have done more reporting on sexual allegations and sexual predators then we have done on the fallout of las vegas and others and you wake up and you you hear this allegation i mean literally if if you go over two i have a are a special account that is something that we know we use here for for show preparation throughout the course of the day it allows toia and mickey and jessica and a few of.

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