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Is sad but they all stayed there hurry unanimously you deserve it you have worked hard for all these years live in the north end on cross street Chris samba W. B. the Boston news radio further north and a Quincy and with the help of one big crane a dump truck that fell through the roof of a parking garage in Quincy is now gone WBZ's Kevin call made his live on the scene with that this morning Kevin this happened a lot quicker than expected it really did a good morning dead the truck has been taken out but now the big question is the clean up and when will the car while the cars trapped in the garage your turn to their owners as local authorities and construction workers are currently pacing around and discussing what the next steps will be after the damage caused by the dump truck that fell through the roof of this parking garage attached to the furnace brook medical building the truck was pulled out by a crane earlier this morning and was then taken away by a tow truck about fifty callers remain trapped in only one car is reported to be damaged there is yellow caution tape all around this building and even do not enter signs and entrance of this medical building in Quincy Kevin Coleman WBZ Boston's news radio coming right out more Miskito spraying in this state that is straight ahead it's six thirty three other together Taylor's of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three years Lori granting see some heavier volume now one twenty eight that is slowing of the upper and between main street in Lynnfield to Washington Street in Woburn and again route three to four to twenty five in Lexington let's see how things are shaping up now in ninety three southbound with Kristen neck in about a free insurance copter do you have something to look out for here at ninety three south bound to four ninety five and over a disabled vehicle over the breakdown lane with state police behind that be the one to stay to the left give them a little more room down farther south is slow at the cloverleaf and ready get it by up on sale Avenue and it's all backed up in Medford is well head before the lower doctor Kristin octave operate insurance copter want to keep it to the left of a right wing crash eastbound route to just after one ten one eleven in Harvard traffic is data for two miles approaching that scene eastbound mass pike heavier now approaching route nine in Framingham in through Weston ninety five north bound left plane crash at just after one fifty two in north Attleboro still being worked there another crash at exit eight South Main street and Sharon traffic is slow from one forty to that point twenty four north bound heaviest now here symbol of art and and over to the merge their north expressway still stopping going smokes where a past Columbia road Laurie Grandy WBZ's traffic on the three seventy one degrees in Boston we have a murky sky out there but we do have sunshine another hot humid day on tap today high temperature near ninety.

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