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27 degrees in Boston and four clock Good afternoon on Madison Rogers. And here's what's happening. Graphic racist threats sent him email to parents and students and the gardener school district. Police say it went out at around five. 1000 people at 1 A.m. today, saying an attack on the school will happen tomorrow. Police are now investigating the source of the message, which also contained extremely graphic images, it was said Via plus portal stocks Come Gardner. Police are checking all the schools in the district and say schools. Our secure will be following this developing story and have any updates here at WBC news radio. The Massachusetts National Guard due to return home this hour. This following the inauguration in Washington, D C W B c Suzanne Saz Ville has more. Some Massachusetts National Guard troops have already arrived back here at the Armory and Melrose. But not many. Mirapaul Obrador has been tweeting about their return, He says busloads of troops are due back between 4 45 and 5 45, depending on traffic, he says the Busses carrying the one 82nd infantry regiment We'll turn down West Wyoming AB, then onto Main Street, where the armory is he's encouraging folks to line up along the route to show their support. That's just what Steve Perkins of Andover's doing. Thank him for this service and what they don't know. It's just rubs real life just as much as anybody else because there are only a part time the God they called one of them whenever they needed. They get up and go. Governor Baker sent 500 troops down to D. C last week to help with security during President Biden's inauguration in Melrose, Suzanne Saz Ville WBZ. Austin's news radio. New accusation against former President Trump and the New York Times report. The article claims the former president discussed moving, removing acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen in order to execute a plan to pressure Georgia officials to flip the state's election results. ABC is Alex Boucher has more man who allegedly worked on the plan, according to the Times lawyer, Jeffrey Clarke. Report claims Trump mold over whether to fire the acting a G and replace him with Clark because Rosen refused Trump's requests to use the DOJ to overturn the election. According to the Times, Trump decided against firing Rosen on Lee after top justice officials threatened mass resignations. In the report, Clark says this account is inaccurate. Trump declined to comment. MBT, a cutting down commuter rail service to some areas starting this weekend, the statement from the M B T. A says starting today. Weekend train service on most lines will be cut back service will on Lee be offered on the Providence, Newburyport, Rockport, Framingham, Wooster, Fairmont and Middleborough lines. It's unclear how long the cuts will stay in place. NBC officials say they plan to bring back service as ridership returns. 403 and time for traffic and weather together. The super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes and we go toe. Davidson Droney, Right. Thanks, my son. A little bit of leaving the city right now on the expressway, South bound, still little heavy, massive down in the ponds it again through the split. All that has cleared up. It's gonna take a while to thin out. Expressway. North bound, hit the brakes, Columbia Road to Southampton Street. 95 North bound. Still a little slow getting about their disabled vehicle after Cockney Street and Sharon Route three. That's not moving fine. Up and down the South Shore. Who 24 his okay, top to bottom lower end of 93 1 28 20 minute Ride Brain. Frieda Newton Up north up around 1 28 Cell found still seeing delays from north after 28 reading 1 28 North Bounds. Okay. Waltham to Danvers roots. 3 93 95. They're in good shape to and from New Hampshire. Who one's looking Good Chelsea to Lynnfield. Still quiet out west downtown. Lever down. Grandpa's little slow at the bottom. The Tobins Okay. Stole Dr Westbound. You'll see delays out. The Longfellow Bridge. No issues in all the airport tunnels, the lower deck a 90 three's looking good as well. David's Droney WBC's traffic on the threes and looking at the four day forecast, Windy and cold Tonight, mostly clear, lieutenant. Some suburb 17 in the city. But the real fields near zero sunny tomorrow that wind still around high 31 with the real fields in the single digits and teens Monday mainly sunny not as harsh high 36 up to 34 for Tuesday. Mostly cloudy Right now. It's mainly clear over Boston at 404 27 degrees. Next on Larry King Live, long time television icon Larry King has died. He passed away this morning at the Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. No cause was officially released, but Larry King had been hospitalized with covert 19 well known for Larry King Live and Larry King. Now he was a host on radio TV and the Internet. For over six decades. It was 87 years old.

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