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Ministerials honor does not end up. Well as Murphy gets the win over Cardio. Morgan has equipped Promo basically saying the. She deserves to be rolled women's champion after that Charlotte flair defeats Ruby. Right via submission in a non title match. Is there a bigger horizon for Ruby? Riot? I'm saying she goes smackdown. I'm over this I'm over. This shit on roller. Wasn't there a trade that occurred and AJ's I'll talk about that on smackdown. There should be a traitor for Rubio's well I think she'll be great on smackdown nineteen things he's needed but that's a different story. Short picks up the wind very quick match treating. We'll be right like she's nothing whatever. Mvp MVP recruit Crew Bobby Lashley backstage calling. Lana his trophy wife and saying POW the best line of the night. When are you going to let Bobby Lashley Free Bobby Lashley and I like that a lot? I I'm a big fan of that. Bobby Lashley defeats are truth via submission. What do you think about putting the master log? Bobby Lashley Like me I don't get. I think Vince is really loving. These ever made type submission now like these fucking I. We're seeing a lot of Michelle and blamed. Triple H would have all in Shane because there are anime fans. Absolutely so Bobby. Lashley gets the win over our truth. Mvp comes out and gives them around with applause. But of course it's throwing a terribly acting tantrum backstage. That was fucking. That's was worse than what you see on soap operas General Hospital days of our lives at. Yeah that's it was tragic. I will always say this. Lana can act for her life for her life Alexa Bliss Nikki. Cross the fifty icons disqualification for the women's tag team championships. Something happened where confident now getting a new mean streak and ended up Release Yet Congress shown backstage were case slapping. Roy's after blaming her from the laws the to cried emotional mess whatever. Oscars championship celebration was crushed by Nyah. Jacks and Kerosene attacked I guess we're GonNa get a night Jackson Oscar at backlash. That's my prediction Shane obeys of the tally. In a submission match. Kevin Owens returns with Kevin Dolan show saying the. He's good to go and surprises. Is The of Vegas Action as the whole faction comes out. Apollo crews is back and Everyone in the ring be shattered each other and we ended up having a tag team. Match was Kevin Owens in Apollo crews versus dre Angel Garza with Kevin Owens and Apollo crews taking over taking the victory there after the match After the match me had The Andrade stable kicking Austin theory to the curb telling Austin theory he's useless. He's not helping in any way and they're years officially gone from the Andrade Andrade Group Shit what okay so. Also the Viking Raiders Had An axe throwing competition read. What are your thoughts? Excellent competition between the Viking raiders and the street profit de Fuck. This fuck this bullshit vow. I'm slough tight I'm done with come on. What does this is? Basically saying we don't. We don't have nothing to do what you guys right now. It's Filler for entertainment purposes. Protecting chip geometric backlash he's doing the VP Mehari. If you could do I could do better which I during these times during coronavirus. Somebody really complaining. It's some it's fucking funny. Whatever rather them do this than some stupid pointless jobber matches seriously. It's Corny but I said during these times what else are we going to do But they should have always that toll free this time that we. It's always that with them. Yeah I know I mean you have to. I mean I don't want to get it back. That's for everything later though. W did you like and I'm like no what's trash is trash. I. I'm not a clough or or promotion. Supporter was trash trash. That's just it's stupid. It's me but like I said it's entertaining way Austin theory is recruited by Seth Rollins as he's the newest member of rouses stable. The fact that you're telling me on raw that we have Rawlins Murphy and Austin theory in the same group orgasmic. I can't get any better than that. Tell me a better group in that. Can't it can't do it. You can't do it. Those three are going to gel perfectly together. Read where your thoughts? On the new alignment of Austin. Theory in Ron's disciples I it worked perfectly and I actually probably think that Murphy gets kicked out. I hope not but Murphy's I hope not I think he's GonNa get kicked out you think so. Yep and it's going to be serious rollins. Yeah and then they're gonNA find a taxi which which I'm I'm hoping that it would be like They'll figure it out. That's I can't predict it's GonNa make theory and And Murphy attacks in which I would love God. That team is how would work. That would work better but Story would be that Murphy gets kicked up but before before theory got recruited. Also black seated Murphy via disqualification of course because rollins reached out the hand. He gave theory a hug. Theory attack. Blacks the disqualification rollins hugs theory. Which I will say this one more time. Whoever hates the ROLLINS GIMMICK? You're you're you're I I get. You have an opinion but it sucks because rollins. Fucking gimmick is awesome right now and you tell me different. You're bugging out And finally on. Roy Drew McIntyre defeated. Kim King Cobra via pin Seoul from the brand of brand invitational Drew McIntyre staring down. Lashley told him. I want to fight you vince. Russo says the drew McIntyre's promos. Were killing him vince unions. Fuck Up. Who Say Vince. Russo said the fuck. I'm loving McIntyre versus Lashley. Give me give me give me. That's where you need to do. Bro Is not speak percents. Shut the fuck up next. We had. Yikes why did my. My nose just kept taking away. Trash trash probably annex T so who was made during exte- this week we had Carrying Cross getting quick. Quick Squash match comes out and confronts him introduces himself and we get the announcement that it will be carrying. Cross versus to muscle trump annexed in your house. You said it last me how good carrying crosses read. What are your expectations for? Charing Cross in the R- in W E because I could see him as the next Red Yordan. Yeah and I said this I told you that. That's who he should be. That's the that's the way I had to be once or in his out of the. What's your tires? Carey will be wrapped ties of that special to where he should be on on the shows that he could be the the spot guy by cross should be him he definitely the to the treasures. The transition for him and I have to give a round of applause for scarlet to Scarlett Bordeaux for being fucking A. She's I think she's killing it. Don't problem I never want to see the I hate when do bullshit breakup when it comes to these two never need to split. Yes to be happy for them to always be together and by the way these to give me a really triple h two thousand and one with Stephanie. Is the manager vibe through of? That's actually a good comparison. That's a good one. I I like it. I Love Charing Cross. The entrance is phenomenal him. Versus CIAMPA could be should be nothing but of fucking brutal. I can't wait for it. Also annexed Drake Maverick Be Kushida. Which pisses me off beyond belief. Don't even get me started. Drake Maverick wins. Which makes it a triple threat match next week. It's going to be Drake Maverick. Kushida and Jake Atlas and the winner of that is GonNa Face L. He'll del Fantasma for the annex t cruiserweight championship at in your house. But yes Drake Maverick. The win with a sliced bread there and pisses me off. Don't even get me started on that read. What are you thoughts on? Dexter loomis versus Rodrick strong this week. Are we seeing Future Star Index Ner? Whatever whatever it's safe for the longest about this. Do you have a ring with a good tally? Yes but the thing is that they're gonNA do fifty fifty booking with them doing so. Yeah they're gonNA do fifty fifty until they find an angle which he can go for the the North American title they GonNa do fifty fifty booking with them Roger Strong gets the the roll up? Win I love the vibe. That when loomis loses he doesn't take it well he's he's he's so cycle pat. He was such a psychopath that it it shows that fucking bothers him Love Dexter Lewis. Love Love Him. Love them next. We have Candice Lorraine Johnny Gargano get into an altercation medium and Keith Lee. As I'm assuming we're GONNA get that mixed tag team match at in your house and I'll be the first one to say I am hating this. Gano and fucking Kansas. Ray Gimmick My comment on this. Yup It's just a. It's just a fucking gimmick booking a cloud booking that's all of this The men ambush occurred his our and kidnap him. Now this is clearly a part of El Fantasma crew I can't wait to see it so that was cool as well. Probably probably my favorite part of annex t which is shocking for you shots black video. Promo on. The tank was awesome. I liked it. I think he's really trying to sell this chick. I really did really trying to sell a really I. I we goofed on in love the shots but I think it's just I think it's funny that they really trying hard for her. I feel free to work. Is that good? I think it's observed though. I think I think he's a great character. That flies off the page. Like she's like if hot topic had sex with. Punk Rock Green Day. Like this chick that we re getting her her whole trauma with her punk rock energy in the tank and and talking about Howard. Dad inspired her to get into the business. Okay recall I'm recording right now. A little quick cabinet with my mother. Mom Yeah what. A quick cameo where there But shotsie blackheart the great character. I love her promo her tank. That has a name. It's called the dirty blond. You don't like that another. That's actually a good name but still say her name of the tag the dirty blond and she just she's different and that's what I WANNA see. What these females. I want to see different shots. He Black Cart you were you were a in my eyes early on and you are still aren't away but I connected to us. So that was a cool. Promo Damian Preset Ashore. Promo explaining his attack on Valor. We're getting those takeover guaranteed Only looking at Danny burch brand new energy after they destroyed ever is Because Matt Real Timothy Thatcher no longer in the eighteen division is seems like they have a void to fill so it looks like Be Seeing only logan and Danny Burch Getting pushed soon Also and I know for fifty at times and finally we had an announcement that next week on an xt. We're going to have Timothy Thatcher versus Matt Riddle in a cage. Fight where you must win by knockout or submission and Kurt. Angle is the special enforcer. Hold on was it Kurt Angle. So we'll be released. Nope born back. See slowly comes as it's slowly slowly but surely comes What are your thoughts? Succeed this week to week. We'll talk about all eats Go home show. I didn't think that it was one of those shows that should have had quote unquote or fucking St- statistical the laws ratings. But what were you? What were you gonna get because of what eight of you had in line deals about show? I just think that Oh sorry my fault. Re Ripley face arrived but it ended up. Charlotte docking both down. And now it's GonNa be a triple threat at and t takeover. Oh Yeah I remember that. Yeah it was. It was it was Not Memorable it really. Wasn't that good. I just think that to this day I say you know and exceed. Take Your Losses Gone Thursdays? Let's go to Thursday's not gonNA give up son. It is so terrible to and all. You're doing his show a shortcoming fans that's all you're doing that is true. I agree with you in that. Even if you wanted to go on Tuesday nobody's watching impacts won't fucking tooth nobody can read because we're doing nothing. Do we have to go over? Awa Right this week. Because they're all build up to the fucking what happened on the on. The talk about is the break- injury. Okay all right. Hold on. Let me let me get my notes for dynamite. Because I'm not gonNA take a lot of people who were debating about. How and why occurred my take on this? Is this look. You got a big fucking Nyla and you guys want to do a death valley driver on a little bit cy fucking Brubaker. What the fuck is wrong? Which are yeah. It's it was regardless of never done and I don't know I don't know if you mentioned it. Maybe you mentioned it before that stat lender is not thank fuck fucking safe. She's not she's not she's not no. I agree with you. One hundred percents. He's not that safe but chest potential shore but she definitely has a lot of roofer improvement time off that she wasn't on tv all been wrestling kind of a game and we saw in the past couple weeks that she's been fucking reckless. Maybe it's not to the point where she has cova. Maybe she is but I think the spot was a bad spots. Do and it shouldn't have been done. I agree I think it was especially the week before the pay per view. Come on guys. Nothing risky here. Re and now she's GonNa be out for a while it's something seek is brick finally finding a place of her own with a new gimmick and her role. Model Gimmick. I loved it To the few quick things I wanted about dynamite. Our basing the visuals work the Promo was was phenomenon which using about the one where Chain solid emily's gear Darby Allen..

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