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Are doing very little discretionary trading and are almost exclusively working on a building automated models and so i think the big picture is as a traitor in these days as treasurer trader with edge these days you really wanna be armed with technology tools to help you make better decisions and to get into more opportunities that all your strength and you know it's it's not a bad thing also to be working with junior guys who are building models for you that are on your european l line so and i can tell you when i mentioned so the beginning the training that we do for our new hires is substantially different than it used to be and that he ching and that training of of automated trading is a large part of our second part traded development then used to exist three even three years ago that that does now and so that gives the person a career path of discretionary trader that gives them the career path of hybrid trader gives them the career path of automated trader now as a try to is becoming more advanced and becoming consistent stein of put up some decent gangs as an example that site of gonna i ten fifteen thousand dollars count i repaired of time to one hundred thousand what's things need to change for them to take that hundred thousand dollar account and turn it to a million dollars what got them from v ten or fifteen two hundred.

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