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The way up to the top from the bottom and of course no pole and of course beautiful vistas of the mountain and the downtown area so godhra stadium for walter o'malley was what he had dreamed of doing our his entire life and uh that's really the reason that he moved from brooklyn to los angeles if you could have built that stadium in brooklyn he would have stayed i think it's very clear a at least to me dodger stadium get spilt it's the mall full of its time over the decades eight scum touch gets his men ovation's it's become you know it fell behind other new at stadiums but anyway here it is now the dream is being realize is there is a concentration of activity back in downtown los angeles and there's also a concentration of traffic and all that paul king that with such an asset at the time now is the contributes to this you know massive congestion that now surrounds don't you stage in them were in it's going to latch atop no end this week you know as these games played today tuesday and tomorrow wednesday so what about the downside of the realization of this dream well the downside of the realization of the dream and as is so often the case in los angeles is tied up with mass transit los angeles had a functioning mass transit system in the 1930s they chose to dismantle it and dodger stadium is affected by that as we know there is no rail link to dodger stadium those dodger fans who bribed to the game are accustomed to sitting in traffic and only going to get worse uh the team has tried to institute thumb public transportation alternative uh.

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