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Just a moment. Suffolk District attorney Rachel Rollins says it appears the man who police say shot two people in Winthrop this weekend was acting alone, Authorities say. Ramona Cooper and David Greene were fatally shot by 28 year old Nathan Allen on Saturday. Allen was later killed in a shootout with police, Cooper and Green. We're both black Allen was white. Rollins says. It appears the victims were both innocent bystanders and that investigators have found anti Semitic and racist writings at Allen's home. At first glance, Ramona Cooper was simply walking across the street. The only two people that he opened fire on were too visible People of color who happened to be black in Winthrop. Rollins says. Both state and federal authorities are investigating Allen's background. A new community fridge in Lynn is now operating 24 hours a day near City Hall. Fridge is run by the organization Lynn Community FRIDGE Project. It's the first in the city and offers fresh fruit produce. Dairy and more. Co founder Emily Buckland says the fridge has seen a lot of usage and donations since it opened up earlier this month. Every time that I have gone down there to either check on it or clean it or donate. There has been a whole new set of food, so that means that it's working. People are taking when they want and people are doing anyone they want. Buckland says. The fridge has run entirely by volunteers who helped stock Organize and clean the fridge and freezer in the forecast. It will be mostly sunny today. Highs in the mid nineties with heat index values around 100. Partly cloudy tonight and not much cooler lows in the mid to upper seventies. Right now. It's 88 degrees in Boston. This is 90.9 W B U R W bur. Supporters include Capital one.

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