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Digital newspapers you you see a lot of violence to see violence and you see in you. Just stop feeling states. I also spoke to another woman who did have an abortion her name. is gina go. She is an activist and an artist currently living in new york city which is why she's being open about it because she. She says that she feels safe. Since she's not in dominican republic anymore and. She told me that she felt that. She was only able to access an abortion because she was middle class because she she wants colleges who basically instructed her on what to do. Here's gina like he he first of all like he berated me because i was back right like garlic. How am i doing to my family. So the shame. Start from the get go. And he was the one who like immediately told them like. Oh yeah i like. You're getting an abortion. So he just told me like the war. Like i'm gonna get everything and he got someone to sat to my house like ahead only got a delivery guy to gun me the pills and me everything so he told me like quickly what i have to do but then he also told me like by the way like i cannot see you again after this so gina took the abortion pills and had to go to another gynecologist to follow up and she says that she felt very lonely and very scared that she had to go through the pain of the abortion alone because the doctor told her. I'm going to give you these pills but you won't be able to see me anymore. After words it was terrible. It was i think like the whole night and part of the morning just like in pain that like two days later going checking like to make sure that i didn't have any rustu's inside of me and in some of the worst case scenarios. She says that some of her friends who have had abortions and a similar way then also face shame or even violence when returning to the hospital. Here's jeanne again relating friends experience so we go to the hospital. She gets a sonogram. She gets the abortion and she goes back like a week after a because this is procedural you need to make sure that nothing is there and it was the same technician doing a sonogram. And she was using one of those like pelvic sonogram said you entered through the vagina and she was being really violated and committing Violence against her because she realized what happened so she was just like. Oh look at this. Also now you don't have any you have any child inside of dina told me. Her friends felt uncomfortable with the way the technician was behaving and using offensive language. And she will find. We'll start dunk. Also it's gonna hurt here. She used a dominican phrase. That means once you make a certain decision. You also have to deal with the pain of that decision so there's a lot of shame. There's a lot of shame around this issue. And and even for women who even for women who are able to access an abortion is not is also not easy peasy and in the end the fact that it's illegal means that there's a lot of fear around going through this procedure. I mean i. I hadn't thought about how difficult it must be to be an obgyn. A gynecologist in the dr is something that dr funder is able to do to help at all something that dr founder told me. Is that the fact that these cow saleh's haven't been passed makes it difficult for her to do her job because when you become a doctor you take on a hippocratic oath that you're supposed to protect people you're supposed to help save people's lives and the lack of these castellinis make it difficult for her to do her basic job of protecting her patients. We have a woman owned. Risk die because they are pregnant or they can't receive the correctly because they are redness. You know that's really difficult. If you are a doctor save live new where we were ranking safe. Live that if you have doctors that are saying that the today scou- style is in fact are needed in the dominican republic. If women are suffering a people are seeing this in. These stories are connecting to people You know people women dying unnecessarily because they can have access to reproductive rights. So why is it still so hard to pass these laws. Well i whole eighteen eighty four penal code but also the catholic church has a lot of power in day to day life. here's dr liam fonder again referring to an agreement signed between the vatican and the dominican government in one thousand nine hundred fifty four an agreement that is still current dominican republic have also the conquered that means the government of the republic. So we have from here and it's very important rico. Power of religion ever seen a woman's lies. I if you open this woman woman will recognize a little big that they are the older of her.

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