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The business for a long time he told him that when they asked him what was going on with me said i've been poisoned of imports poised poison yeah that's what he said he was drunk news it was dreary all it up but but i i don't know how you do that job and not be drunk all the time honestly now color those guys deal with well series of the pressures or credible not given this guy past not give not defending him while there's no doubt i now it's it's difficult job in some man in an women in the law enforcement business have difficulty sometimes dealing with the stress that comes with a job absolutely but it's one of those jobs if you wanna have a couple pops warrior at home okay okay fine but it's one of those things where you're just going to have to realize that you cannot go out in public and do this kind of thing you can't you just going to have to let that part of your life go he must have been so drunk he couldn't even tell right from wrong no immediate you don't fight the police he he lose every time he of all people and that's how far gone of santa hope it gets the helping needs due to an an but i will say that i don't blame them for firing him because this is this is not a situation where it would have been all you know one thinking about that or yeah you're right i i just i didn't know i don't there's no disagreement he should have been fired up ain't nobody is saying he shouldn't have been this is a notolerance kennedy absolutely listen now we got our hands on a letter the entire city council grand kosovar has has side he's part of this deal along with a couple of other cities brad lander from new york city council jared evans from the indianapolis city council think greg kosar from the austin city council you know that a these are the generals of the local resistance in the respected towns these are the of the.

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