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Yeah ghirma heredia is not a great player but he's useful that on the ball he's a good outfield a good defensive outfielder every position he walks he doesn't strike out he's perfectly these are good for fielder i think and he's twenty seven whatever he's got plenty of upside each river little upside and it was pretty much it was not completely inevitable but it was easy to see the team ending up at a place where they would have to make a decision and this is what was what serve me so weird from the start is that each was signed because the mariners had a roster opening because ben gamble strangers oblique ben and gambled did not tear his acl he was not out for the season he had a month long injury and so what i didn't understand it from the beginning why the team set themselves up for an extremely awkward situation for a a routine short term injury replacement and in just didn't add up because gamble is going to come back gamble is going to be starter resign likely tour is gonna come out of the gate batting four fifty so the team forced itself into a situation now i don't think that they expected to be here on april twenty third with each row being so bad and having misplayed enough balls in the field that i think the tide has turned and i think that the the upside in the the great celebration happened on opening day her for the home opener and then since then i don't think anyone's been particularly super jest see throw in the lineup at least i know twitter is representative of the average baseball fan and all that but every time he resin there in heredia isn't people are like wears heredia the dentists like pucci if poochies ups.

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