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Four meteorologist Lauren Rickets. Wow, these temperatures. We haven't seen these in one since March, April, something like that 64 degrees in Rockville. Right now, in Lake Ridge, we've got 66 words 60 for Northwest D. C. 12 11. Now on double d T. O P. Metro is shaking up. It's trouble rail operations. Charles Center, Washington Post reports Andy off will take over the control center. He's Metro's vice president of project implementation and construction, and that control center had been under supervision of the chief operating officer. But an odd at this month unveiled a number of safety and workplace issues off at one Spin, Metro's assistant general manager before leaving the agency. A couple of years ago, he came back to Metro the spring off had a major role in Metro's safe track maintenance program that saw station on line shutdowns. Over the past year when it comes to the purple Line. Just finish it. That is the view of Montgomery and Prince George's county leaders who voiced their concerns about the future of the light rail system. It comes as Maryland transportation leaders provided an update on the project after a judge ruled that contractors working on the public private partnership to build the Purple Line could quit the project. Refresh concerns from Montgomery and Prince George's county officials that the light rail plan could languish Montgomery County Council member Tom Hucker people in my district and all over Montgomery and Prince George's counties have put up with lots of delays and lots of disruption and lots of noise and other things for a couple of years. Now we need to just get this project on Aaron Hanson, spokesperson for the Maryland Department of Transportation, says. That's what she calls an orderly transition underway and that the design build contractor Purple Line Transit constructors is still on the job. Kate Ryan w T. O P knew something new to help your commutes and online dashboard has been set up to.

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