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That against him i still a good guy i can or will can't take him seriously as whether a thought he wrote expresso that that send the tough aired overcome john expresso it is you're a terrorist if you type that coffee with a k at that point right exactly like is ahead and spell everything wrong cat with a k coffee with a car with a k so should i star reaching out to mike from his whether page hurt for a coverage of a weird gained zero oster burglars let's keep it with thoughts are team i've never seen dave eichelberger misspellings tank so we're just getting rid of delgado i can't take him seriously wrote expresso but he knows is weather though you way heresy agencies occur you'll be crawling back to the are now going to take a firm this gotta be fox yeah we love that okay dennis phillips to see i'm a big fan his as well as good suspenders her spells dennis of one n that is strange denise o seventy seven five seven nine what if you five bob jordan yeah grew eight o body now you're dorm of do a real well thank you yourself well it is we're very little powerhouse infrared trial of seemed like a lotta people aint talking about abruptly we got one two one or two stubs and flower should be available in the whole state of florida flowers give the judge knows no the tell had all those studies they judges though kathy out my wife's the is now staying in in a judge ruled nor frame the ripta lot a lawyer stuff i don't understand it completely but our flowerpower so that that's a lawsuit data that says that it because they legalize medicinal marijuana that we should be able to stick to smoke it as well instead of just ingesting it yeah john morgan law day invoices us on their verse three people or kathy with allies that guy lady would cancer and the guy otc edged the and they rolled in our favor so it's great regret shifty go on trial on if we went to trial then uh it's going to change everything in whole state land that's because these spk would scupper bob jordan cannibus crusader so bob you know i i wish you a lot of luck on this let's say is successful right and now we have flour the entire state of florida.

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