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That is SRI stabilize in Kansas third district and Holland in New Mexico's first district also in Minnesota Peggy Flanagan won the Lieutenant governorship alongside Tim walls. She's going to be the first native American woman to hold that office. So to native Americans going to congress and one Lieutenant governor in Minnesota. There were fifty four native Americans are running state and locally. Is this a record? It is something of a record. Absolutely. And I asked piggy Flanagan the newly elected Lieutenant governor of Minnesota. Why so many native American women were running for office? This time. And you know, some folks have said like, oh is it a response to Donald Trump? And I think in some ways that cheapens what we've been trying to do which is, you know, for a long time native folks have been registering to vote turning out to vote flipping seats across the country. And it is the natural next step that we would run for office ourselves. Are there any political differences between the native American candidates? Who are they all Democrats? That's great that you ask that question Marco because they're actually was here in Minnesota. There was a Republican Lieutenant governor that was running and she was from the red lake nation, Donna Bergstrom, but she lost to Peggy Flanagan. Correct. She lost to pay Flanagan. Yes. Another native American. Another native American the world's Alison at ETA at the studios of Minnesota public radio in Minneapolis. Thank you. Thank you so much Marco. By the way, we have a list of all the history-making women from yesterday's election. That's at the world dot ORG north of the border in Canada more with. Are winning elections in ever at the federal and provincial level Cabello held a vote in early October. There are one hundred twenty five seats in the provincial legislature in Quebec and women. Now, hold fifty two of them. That's a national record plus go Navarro is a writer and women's rights advocate in Montreal. You were watching the US midterms from Quebec what do the results look like from where you're sitting. Well, we knew that it wouldn't be a big change everything won't change in Wedneday. But we could see that more women from the base that means more women that are non political professionals. You know that came to run for politics, and that for us was the big change. And what about in Quebec? I mean, did you have that kind of diverse spread of women candidates that now that there's forty percent of the seats in Quebec's provincial government with women who are they we have a more diverse women population candidates, but it's true that here like in any other country politics. I was always a secret garden. I mean, you have to know people we have this pure occupations to have more women coming from different professional environment and also from different social status and also different origins. Ca Beck's had its ups and downs. When it comes to women make progress in in provincial government, but as of October women now hold more than forty percent of the seats in the province. What was behind that victory in October behind that was a lot of energy posed by women and men also, but the women's group meeting politicians meeting her political parties and trying to convince them what is important in women being in politics, and how long did that education process? Take about three years since election of history at the federal level to any fifteen and he made a cabinet with the Heff woman half men and everybody was so surprised and charmed and what a man what a modern. Man, what a modern politician. Yeah. So we could come back and Quebec and told them to the government of Quebec you see did that..

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