New York Times, Brock Obama, Cruz discussed on The Steve Deace Show


So no this doesn't tell you i'm not telling you anything you already to know about the new york times i'm not telling you anything you already didn't know about how the liberal media operates what this does confirm for you though is who mitt romney really is and it also confirms for you that had he wanted to twelve instead of brock obama not much would have been all that different actually which you know what a lot of you are non your head saying and steve that's why trump and cruz were the last two candidates standing in the twenty sixteen primary because you're right you're thoughts taught you had me at remember when he didn't eat the chicken sandwich that's all i need to know about mitt romney year but the the more well that that is the grownup answer but grote answer grownup answer part b is that mitt romney understands all too well what he's doing i second that as well he's but he's not doing anything new he's he's doing what he's always done he's doing the kind of thing that steve and his buddy greg jackson out in massachusetts together on earth or earth and you helped get the word out about what he did in bringing a not only obamacare one point oh but paying for abortion in massachusetts this is this is who mitt romney is and he shut down catholic charities when they didn't want to do gay options right on down the line there you go all the all the things obama did two nuns and hobby lobby with obama romney did to the catholic church and people in massachusetts.

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