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It's a way to assure safety but the problem is it is such a political football that the left can't resist kicking it to ask for gun control and the right can't resist kicking its asked for tougher measures against terrorism and nobody i coming in and saying hey how bad preventing this by putting in metal detectors right and not really what about for our fire it's not about banking show people have gantner of country many of our clients any cases are gun owners but cavannagh about security protocols and training and in the day and age that we live where we know the violence was kinakh her and fun on guns are going to end up in the wrong hands power these companies to take on money going to protect death and some of the measures you mentioned i think would be reasonable were certainly seemed like goals an airport and many of my client pubs said we wish that they had had metal detectors we wish that they had had more security people and those things weren't in place and a lot of people lost their lives in room the puk michelle uh i follow the obviously fairly closely and i did not know that they would stonewalling of the evidence going on by the casinos and these casinos obviously a dependent on the marketplace and broader they wanna from that point of view they want nobody'd ever remembered the vegas happened but he didn't happen and it would be very well if you all could do more shows like this and even do some public statement since mad revising because i think that kind of pressure a outside of the courtroom would move you adversaries even more than discovery well well we hope though not part of their even were coming out ski here but you know these defendant seem to be very concerned about quite resources under the repairing our public image but these defendant need to look at these people who are suffering with eyes of genuine can posturing and start providing answers and released that these people that will help them the what happened and what changes are being made to other people suffer like area roads when you organiz in hebron's uh in a las vegas of people who are at one of these resorts who did not have any screaming a did not pass through metal detectors did not have to have their bags examined all attention to that and.

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