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Dressed isolated and in need of you the access to self care tools that's Michelle Thorne she's the founder of deems the differently abled mothers empowerment society she originally created her apt to connect mothers of children with disabilities and remind them of the importance of self care but now she's opening the app to anyone for a free month for access to things like we offer guided meditation yoga Palade is the next classes you can download the app or had two games USA dot com for more Taylor canter up KTA are new you know sometimes the only thing that helps is putting your toes in the sand of braving the ocean air rocky point is keeping its beaches open for now however rocky point mayor Kiko Munro says they will close if the federal government ask them to do so he says they are following all the protocols are minding its residents to stay home Morales says they will take extra measures especially within the upcoming weeks where tourists often visit for Easter right now there are no confirmed cases of covert nineteen in Mexico there a hundred and eighteen cases and one death Natalie Allen on KTAR news say DA our eyes an education issue students and families are asking for refunds now that all classes are being held online for the rest of the semester ASU says even though students are physically inside the classrooms their expenses haven't changed students and staff remain our top D. as well as providing a top tier education while some students are asking for their money back for parking and dorm living AS you says their campus is still open and they're still providing resources to students Ashley flood KTAR news D. D. A. R. news time is eight oh seven and detour damn beach in.

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