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On the cruise. Go check it out impact versus ring of honor. Sammy Callahan versus mardi girl LAX versus the young bucks. Listen, Johnny, Morrison, aka, Johnny. Moon-ki. Johnny impact will be on the ship with Brian cage and what the they'll want to take on the bullet club. Then we've got live podcast talk is Jericho with Ricky the dragon. Steamboat talk is Jericho remembering Eddie Guerrero with Conan Ramos? Do talk is Jericho with the entire bullet club talk Jared. With Jim Rawson Jerry the king Lawler how about MC fully doing his twenty years of hell. Standup show all about the trials and tribulations of the classic elm sell match that he had twenty years ago you on the darkness scaring the pants off. You keep it at one hundred versus killing the town dawn cows versus Conan. Of course, the first round of the ring of honor determine has been announced lethal Whitmer Daniels were still skirl versus Titus young versus flip Gordon Bracken be Mark Briscoe versus for our page Zarian. She battled over bruiser Jay Briscoe any gang so much going on coke. Cabana. Martin's Rosa broadcast, Kelly Klein Mandy, Leon brandy roads will be women of honor. Lots of great masters from them live comedy from Brad Williams, Craig gas, Ron funches. The impact jokers will be the Sal and Hugh gory Taylor from Slipknot, we'll be playing fuzzy, three shows, Phil Campbell, the bastard son, king the stir run through with them right now across America. The Dave Spitak project is played a showing. Winnipeg you weeks ago speed the darlings of rock and roll. Jerry blizzard of Ozzy the world's best caused when. So Cal Val cruise director, Noel fully is going to be there hosting so much going on foot your cabin now at Chris gerbil dot com and be part of history, peaking history, August ninth nineteen ninety nine over nine hundred years ago with the debut of why TJ and Conrad turns talk at all about the countdown to why all the events that led the my monumental debut up any. That fateful wrong, August nineteen ninety nine. You're not gonna wanna make. It's going to be a great one to feel Friday. In the meantime between John stay hard, stay hungry. He's been agreed the the Westwood One podcast network.

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