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It's eleven fifty three at the Academy Awards hit an all time low in the ratings Nielsen says twenty three point six million people watched the ward show on Sunday a busy actually move the broadcast a couple of weeks earlier than usually is banned but that didn't entice people to turn it on the ceremony ended with parasite becoming the first time a foreign language film won Best Picture the Oscars also had no host again this year just like last year by Steve Martin Chris rock apparently they appear to early for a round of jokes well the Oscars is over but the streets around the Dolby theater in Hollywood a future and past there it's a mass and it's expected to remain chaotic for a few more days Hollywood Boulevard between orange in highlands gonna stay closed until six it Wednesday morning sidewalks directly for the Hollywood and highland complex also gonna stay blocked until that time service to the metro lines Hollywood and highland station however is now open again it's eleven fifty four right now it's time for sports Sears can extend that when he's ready former Dodger reliever Mike bull singer you played in the big leagues for four years pitched in forty eight games posted a record of eight nineteen over his career he was seven and ten during his Dodger stands in twenty fifteen and sixteen now both singers filed a civil lawsuit in LA Superior Court against the Houston Astros of twenty seventeen at aiming they're cheating cost him his career I'm currently ball singer in twenty seventeen was with the Toronto Blue Jays who's pitching against them in August of that year when he came in and allowed four runs on four hits and three walks in only a third of an inning he couldn't figure it out it seemed they knew what he was doing he was demoted after that game has not pitched in the bigs sense and a review of that third of an inning was found that fifty four hits on a trash can could be heard during his time on the mound we'll see what happens with that NFL charges announcing split with Philip rivers who will be a free agent as of next month from the rush taxi five five by a risk all sports desk right can extend seventy newsradio LAPD.

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