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I'm really dreading right now I you know I I haven't done it yet well I sort of have but I'm really really dreading at some point having to go back to Sam's or Costco haven't had do that yeah some people have couple people of us posted pictures of that we're standing in line waiting to get in well I well I told you before I went to a early on when they start the lockdown and I had to wait in line and furious at me sure it's saddened and infuriated me but I'm we're really not looking forward to going back there I've got secret things that I do I have to go to those terms I can tell you but do you have to wait in line but but the thing is is that it it's just it's just crazy that that that is the case and that's become the new norm I used to say early on this I hope this doesn't become the new normal guess what it is now and at some point maybe we'll get back out of it I don't know you've got people are bragging about how great this is on the progressive side we got to keep this going look at all the energy we're saving by not driving cars and look at how we're cleaning up the environment rush today talking about some psychotics and all the baby turtles can get to the ocean because nobody's on the beach this is great no no it's not great so great all civilization has been questioned write this down you're ready get a pencil and paper combined right does down here ready for this this is fundamental change yeah through this is fundamental change came it came out of a whole different direction but this is the fundamental change that the progressives and their sock puppet Brucker said Obama one to bring about fundamental change on a person I read a piece today from mob out of of the new American and Phil Haney Phil Haney more than likely ninety nine percent chance murdered straight up murdered and it was all posts from I think a couple of songs but but the point is is that Phil Haiti trying to white out letter scrutiny on we tried to he was shut down how breakfast in a bombing filled not only feel treated our government with Muslim Brotherhood hundred percent but covered up a lot of the jihadi things or taking place of Phil Haney alleged that the Boston Marathon bombing what was the other one I want to say the one out in sambar to Dino number different things could have been thwarted had Brock was sent a bomb and not done what he had done and that and that is the case to be made now I'm gonna tell us all the government here but anyway Phil Haney found dead with a bogus it was a one shot maybe other was one shot through the chest they stay said suicide well anyway they're pointing out there but the Phil Haney being so is it a new book coming out he was trying to white hot lead scrutiny on the Hussein Obama administration for undermining our country bring about kind of a that's a hierarchy within our own government of the Muslim Brotherhood which is has the effects of still not gone hundred percent away no so there is that the tide and now with this lockdown fundamental change member about came in with open change fundamental transformation blah blah blah here we are right now this is about fundamentals against America has been completely fundamentally changed and it's not that up that the the full anything else to do with it but still was just another man standing up and screaming we we must not let America stop being America get Muslim Brotherhood out of the White House on national security right now I think what we need to stand up and start screaming is get all of these would be fascist out of the way of us being free it doesn't mean the wonders of the stupid cough on people now but what it does mean is we cannot allow America to stop being America it's got to come around this cannot be the new normal it can't be that well you know two years from now we still don't have any restaurants because we don't want to go on public we can't we we have to be careful who goes in the store walking walk one way down they'll get the hell out of here now the the protests that took place in Lansing on back they called into operation gridlock remember that now was last week people drove the Lansing didn't cause any problems any damage and block the hospital last night I saw a truck or is yesterday I watched Donald Trump at a one of his press conferences that I've I've been avoiding those but I had to watch yet yesterday and he was taking questions from a complete psychotic that was trying to say well look at these these protesters out there do you don't you see they have **** flags and trump was just shaking his head no they're not the **** and he can go on a deep enough and explained that those people were the people are trying to make the whole thing look bad that was empty for those with the antifa black lives matter people those weren't the people that we're driving to Lansing and saying Hey we want to open a business account no but that's how it's been painted by the press and that's what the zombies are falling in line with we must make sure we stand against that so I guess there's another one coming up on the thirtieth I'm not sure about that one maybe somebody can add some light to that but we can't let this become the new norm so we can't we can't allow the progress of psychotics to win this they can't on any level now who's really guilty for allowing the state to be as locked down as it is you had to pick somebody and say here's who's who's done this is it is it is a great swimmer I mean yes you came up with does dictate but think about this what if Costco Sam's Walmart okay what other ones out there I'm not sure who has the whole line to get in thing going on but they said we're not going to we're not gonna have lines for people to get in and we're under percent not gonna tell people what to combine up by winter storm and if you want to give us any grief you just bring your struck troops sent in though we'll just leave Michigan all central business here we're doing that we're not going along with your fascist can't buy one furniture can't buy pay that is about as stupid as it gets that right there is so one hundred percent you could argue progressively correct in that they they're certain things I don't think you should have in the first place you have too much luxury no they they won't say it like that they'll say well we don't want people dawdling and taking up time shopping for what we consider to be nonessential items people just didn't get to central foods get out and log in adult would all be normal again and never had to be a normal it never had to be on normal got it now Patrick Colbeck has posted a piece that is beyond excellent I'm going to get to that tell you how you get a mature myself back on Facebook I'm out of jail so we'll get to that a bit here but I'll take this into consideration right now if you are saying that businesses should be open if you are saying that people should be able to go in and out of Walmart over the damn well please if you're saying that people should be and take you pays your money take your chances and the other thing is if you're saying that people should be able to buy things in the areas that are roped off now with police crime scene tape.

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