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Is because he's an all pro caliber player and the team is willing to take anything extra that comes with it right or wrong anything that comes with it i don't i don't know if they should or not but calling capper nick in an ideal situation for the seattle seahawks doesn't step on the field this season so if they're not gonna know exactly how he's going to lay stuff out then it's not worth being unclear not knowing what you're getting into if colin kaepernick whereas good of a quarterback has ruben foster is a linebacker i'm pretty sure that he would have a job right now and that's that's where the team start weighing these things but it is interesting so you're telling me that if colin kaepernick were aaron rodgers he would still be unemployed right now i mean he would have a job i think we've reuben foster it's different i think of pairing the two i mean i look at what reuben foster is done allegedly i read this report and aaron hernandez had been found guilty patriots cut his ass acts like the patriots are some moral compass or anything here all i'm saying is in the case of reuben foster anger forty nine hundred pathetic right now for basically saying well you know you're on thin ice mr because that's the public statement that they said the forty niners organization is aware of today's disturbing charges regarding reuben foster we will continue to follow the serious matter reuben is aware that his place in our organization is under great scrutiny and will depend on what has learned for the legal process it already was in jed york has also been on on record saying that saying that he wanted better off feel character when he got rid of jim harbaugh but i'm just saying they're willing to they're willing to take the extra baggage because they think he can still play it it's sad though is sad like oh it is sad it's sad of quarterbacks in this league are terrible i do think though if if schefters report about the seahawks meeting 'cause rava poor think is always connected with these teams and the teams like to give him the.

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