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It's all things considered from NPR news. K C R W Sponsors include FX, presenting Mrs America nominated for 10 Emmys, including Outstanding Limited Siri's lead actress Cate Blanchett and supporting actresses Ouzo Duba, Margo Martindale and Tracy Allman. Support for NPR comes from Trader Joe's, where integrity and Information guide every decision every day in every store Mohr and trader Joe's dot com and Fidelity Wealth Management, where advisers work with their clients to develop flexible investment strategies that can evolve as their needs change. Learn more fidelity dot com slash wealth. Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC. Support comes from the Phil presenting in concert at the Hollywood Bowl. A new Siri's hosted by Gustavo Dudamel, highlighting past performances from the Bowl stage, featuring music by Gustavo in the Fille Kamasi, Washington Natalia Lafourcade, Herbie Hancock Cafe to Cuba and more Wednesdays at nine PM on CT and Fridays at 8 p.m. On PBS, Okay, starting August 19th more info at l A. Phil dot com All right, 3 19 Welcome to a Wednesday afternoon edition of all things considered my name's Larry. Glad you're along for the ride Coming up on the program out of the break. We're gonna visit the first school district in Texas to cancel fall sports. School's athletic director will be on to talk about the cancellation of all those courts. Yesterday, you may have heard both the Pac 12 and Big 10 college football conferences canceled their fall seasons. Up and coming German still use cash for the majority of transactions in many stores and restaurants don't take cards. Old habits do die hard even during a pandemic when retailers are worried about hygiene, Morris buying with cash and concerns around that and later about 40% of U..

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