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Up nearly sixty points this is npr from kqed news i'm brian watt a plane crash over the weekend in costa rica killed twelve people most of them were on a tour organized by a company based in berkeley investigators say strong winds or mechanical problems most likely caused a charter aircraft to crash in the woods sunday night two crew members and ten us citizens were killed nine of them were on a tour organized by the travel firm back roads a company spokeswoman says the 10th was guide amend a geissler a native of wisconsin december may have been bone dry but the first week of 2018 is predicted to bring in up to an inch of rain forecasters say wet weather will start tomorrow and continue on and off for the rest of the week last month was one of the dry us december's on record national weather service meteorologist brian me here says that's because a high pressure ridge has been blocking storms from coming through in the coming down now it it's going to be pushing at of high pressure to the east a little veteran it's gonna open up the door forty stormed coming um you know the state forecasters also say another storm will roll into the bay area early next week a top oakland unified school district administrator is resigning the oakland post is reporting that senior business officer vernon how told the district last week he plans to step down hal has been with oh you sd for two decades his critics say he allowed former superintendent antoine wilson in his allies to run the district into a multi million dollar deficit that recently led the significant cuts hal supporters say he worked to help the district.

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