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Seems about fair. Perk I'd say. Christian Pulisic had a really good World Cup and just because of the name of Christian Pulisic, I'm surprised he didn't get, you know, more than 15%, but I think it's pretty fair with what we saw in Qatar from Tyler Adams and to me, though there's great moments on the field in this year. If I think of one moment of Tyler Adams, it is indeed the press conference before the game against Iran and how he handled a very tense, very politically charged situation with a class that you would have been surprised to see from a 32 or 42 year old athlete. And here was a kid just beginning his career and in the biggest stage giving the exact answer you would want. So no doubt about it, Tyler Adams, a pretty good pick here, and it's part of a very promising trend. If you're a U.S. men's national team fans, the last three Weston McKinney, Christian Pulisic, Tyler Adams, you wouldn't be surprised in the coming years to see Eunice moose at his name to that list, Gio Reina maybe at his name to that list, Brendan aaronson had his name to that list. It's not one guy winning it over and over and over again. You got a real, nice, young core that are getting these awards. And that's very promising for the national theme. It not only is it very promising for the national team, but it's promising for those players because they're listen, you win player of the year for the U.S. miss national team, you're up there with the likes of Clint Dempsey, Landon Donovan, Tim Howard, you know, Casey Keller. These big names, so it's a huge honor, but you're right. The fact that they're getting these at Christian was the youngest to believe age 18 and now they're what early 20s. It's promising science for sure. All right, let's talk about the January camp. Okay? And not just the January camp, but the two games at the end of January, they're a huge part of the camp. Because reports into football America's early reports, the football Americas. Are that Alejandro zendejas will indeed be part of the U.S. call up on Wednesday. He is of course Mexican American, has represented Mexico at the senior international level, has represented both the United States and Mexico at the youth international level.

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