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Lot of homebound traffic westbound on route 50 eastbound. No delay two lanes open eastbound 31 North bound, backed up for a couple miles in your dog going to get across the nice Middleton Bridge, Meet the Heat with Window Nations deal of the summer. Get to Windows free with every two you buy, Make no payments and pay no interest for 24 months Visit window nation dot com. David Oh nine w t o P. TRAFFIC Mike Stanford has the hot and sticky forecast. Cloudy skies warm and muggy into the evening hours. A satellite chance for thunderstorms. Most of us stay rain free. Overnight fear and muggy, mellows upper sixties to mid seventies. Lots of sunshine. How did he but on Tuesday slight chance, but after the storm highs mid nineties heat index near 100 hot and muggy on Wednesday highs mid to upper nineties at the risk of an after the storm. Heat index 100 to 1 Oh five showers. Thunderstorms on Thursday highs 85 to 90 after storms on Friday, a high near 90. I'm starting for meteorologist Mike Stanford 87 degrees now in Reston in Greenbelt. It's 89. We have 91 in northwest D. C. Brought to you by mattress warehouse. Buy with confidence with the one year price guarantee Only a mattress warehouse sleep happens dot com 4 41. Despite community opposition, including neighboring Loudon County, a controversial insulation factory is now up and running in Jefferson County, West Virginia. But you're beginning to see here is the beginning of Still more blanket. Paul Espinoza of Rock Wool says that stone wool blanket is made by melting rocks at 2700 degrees into molten lava in a huge furnace were able to start up our operations with 100% natural gas with no coal being utilized here at our ransom result. Opponents who wanted to prevent the factory from.

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