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Hey, what exploded outrage no case? Don Trump junior showing that the campaign is going to go after Joe Biden's sons business dealings, and one hundred Biden does have a lot of controversy attached to them. That's pretty early. Move against Joe Biden. I don't think the president is going to be late to that game maisy around us Senator from Hawaii, though, return to our subject that, I'll we'll be talking about what the victory state, Iran. She was on CNN John Berman yesterday, reacting to President Trump's tweet telling you Ron don't threaten us again. If you start a war with this, that will be the end of Iran here, Senator Hirono, cut number thirteen and the president thinks that he can resolve all these problems by military might he's so wrong is something that, that secretary Mattis said, you know, we need a diplomatic resolution to all these conflicts. And so this is the president once again, just said something his chest and acting like he is the dictator that I think he wants to be a dictator that he wants to. Honestly, Senator Hirono just really just delete your account resign your seat. Donald Trump is a dictator. I just it's the over the top sort of rhetoric that makes it impossible for Americans to take seriously democratic candidate for president. I want to play the key moment of commencement weekend. Robert Smith, a billionaire philanthropist was done at Morehouse college historically black college, and university HPCC us more houses, very, very famous and various beam university. Robert Smith is the billionaire given the commencement. Here's what he had to say to the class of twenty nineteen cut number. Fifteen Morehouse you're surrounded by community of people who have to arrive at the.

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