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Know as you dance with what already resides within you. Okay. So it's really about harnessing that which already exists K. tapping into it because often. It's not that it doesn't exist within US already. It's just their layers, their lasers and laser stories and beliefs, and ideas, and conditioning and. All, these different things that that kind of in a sense it is like an onion it's ike route at the root is really beautiful at the center. This is really beautiful. Limitless nece know about a hat side of that is just multiple ways. That, we have perhaps BAPS attracted as a way to protect ourselves as many as Ryan Sir. You know we're just GONNA be looking at how you can actually Hanis. What's already within you? And most specifically you know when we begin this stance will often. You know will often. Not Noor. The steps right will actually begin the dance and we'll often we weren't the steps. However we fully, we fully understand the concept riot. We we fully understand the concept movement we we understand the concept of dancing. Right we darkness selling Earth steps that we understand the concept and sir, with each step that you take. You know there is someone like myself. You know I lack your own teaches in your life and more specifically your he'll hurt community. Just reminding you what exists within you already. Guides your foot back to the floor united to help you find your balanced to reclaim your power. You've displaced put somewhere else put outwards. You know in the moment literally in that moment. Right, in other words. Having having this platform it's like not getting to lost to stock in the story or idea about what it means to lose your balance or to not have on nor the answer or the next step and really was really beautiful is is being witnessed in your stumble. You know this is something that sorry it feels very vulnerable and it can often feel awkward being very exposed and they're this is where sorry much sir much learning happens. So powerful. you'll often hear people use the term non judgment. I used his term for longtime in my gym. to judgment free space or Judgment Free Program and I'm going to tell you a little bit about how I nor this to be true when you're working with me, right The something, very powerful that I've learned as someone who coaches women. Through doing my own work, which is very simple. I've learned how to stay with discomfort your discomfort and my discomfort and still learning I'm still learning right. But if learn how to hold space for your feelings, your experience, you'll drama you're angry your frustration, your fear. K., because being judgmental is actually part of having a human brain we judge whether we mean to not holding space however is intentional. Right it's creating container that exists purely for those sacred moments of listening and being in. That's a container I create for you. Right, for my members will my clients K. and my job my job is to help you on us all that you already are and shed lie on how old you are is actually a gift. Right, and then how to use your gifts to be your guess, right so I don't God you on this journey because interestingly the word guide actually implies that you need guidance is that without it you cannot find your way. Rats instead of guiding you I walk with year with you beside you work with you. K, rather than above you or beyond you came as a huge difference. Now the healer program on next intake Stotts on Sunday, the first of November. There are only three things that you need to participate from anywhere in the world. You need facebook account, you need zoom account and you need a what sack account. K. Because we use these three platforms to facilitate the journey and we do very different things with each of these different platforms. So we use facebook to create the container for consistent learning learning case. So we have. Not Always. But. you know depending on what kind of group that we chen-lin like we'll generally have a fame of the week that is about unpacking different and relative topics to what it is that you're learning right in that container. All sorry. The facebook group is where I will often drop in and do. A meditation to start your week oil or even end your week, and it's just another way to get back in your body and to work with me. As Zoom. Museum account will be used for and monthly zoom coaching coal, which usually goes anywhere from sixty minutes to two hours. And inside this space, I don't WanNa give too much away because let's face it I never actually know what's going to happen but there's often some form of embodiment practice some form of meditation, some form of recap some form of unpacking there's always a check in case there's always checking to see how you're going and how I can support you. But Typically, the Zoom coaching calls are so that we can get back into body we can do this together. Because this work. While there's a big intellectual component to it. Oh. My love sorry much of this work is actually done in the body. Right this is how we actually become these women these people that we think evade. US right sorry powerful. And then we use what sack. As a way to a uses as a self reflection and I'll just drop in from time to time offering little snippets of wisdom little affirmations depending on what's happening what were kind of working with on will put reminders for Zoom Kohl's in their little bits and pieces. And what I love so much about all of this is that you'll often find that this one way that you can use all of these at just served you. So beautifully and a will say this it's not as overwhelming as it sounds. It's really not. The way that we use all these different platforms actually. Such a gift you know it's such a gift. This is how really honest what wait what we're learning an embodying. and then there's actually the way I teach is not necessarily through these online platforms. I do order trading sexually record trainings that a very specific to I'll go into these in employment for a specific to the things that I'm teaching uses the intellectual part of it. So you'll put me in your ears you'll take me on a walk you sit down with me, you create the container for your heal- her work. You'll listen to what? I have to say I'll unpack different frameworks and. Challenge you in different ways and it's so powerful but it's essentially listening to a podcast like this right. So I just go in your ears and we have one space. All of this information is saved in a shed Google drive and you can go in and all your trainings listed. Click on them. You can go through them one by one. Are they are not prerecorded. These are done intuitively when I know who I'm working with which get into shortly. and then we have little bits of homeworks with each training is often a little bit of homework around in. This is all about self reflection and thought provoking ideas and questions and statements that a really relative to you riot. So this is really about harnessing you. Okay, and then we have integration phases with is no homework actually is nothing at all. It's.

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